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Program Overview

At Carroll College, the Finance Major is a diverse area of study that offers students many learning and career opportunities in the world of finance. Students will learn specifics on small business management, personal finance, investment techniques, and banking functions. Teaching methods encompass a variety of learning styles providing an ample supply of experiential learning opportunities, group projects and guest lecturers, as well as the traditional classroom lecture format. Financial industry experienced faculty is continuously involved in further professional development, ensuring the most up to date information. Local business leaders support Carroll College by providing classroom projects and internship opportunities and by speaking to classes on a regular basis.

Students will develop a thorough understanding of finance and the accompanying career opportunities. They will be well prepared to compete in the job market or continue with graduate studies after completing a finance degree at Carroll College. Whichever path a graduate chooses, he or she will be able to provide specific examples of experiences obtained while participating in the finance major.

IACBE Candidate for Accreditation

IACBEIn December 2013, the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) granted accreditation to the Carroll College business programs.

The following degrees are fully compliant in IACBE’s accreditation principles:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration—Economics, International Business, Management & Marketing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance

Career opportunities:

  • Commercial Banking
  • Small Business Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • Hedge Funds
  • Insurance
  • Investment Banking
  • Money Management
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Private Banking
  • Financial Analysis
  • Sales

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10 reasons

to choose Carroll College for Finance

  1. Small classes = individual attention
  2. Successfully manage your own finances
  3. Gain a comprehensive understanding of investing
  4. Receive exposure to real life career opportunities
  5. Learn to develop your own business plan
  6. Meet and listen to area business leaders
  7. Develop a comfort level with financial matters
  8. Experience practical “hands-on” applications
  9. Understand current economic directions and trends
  10. Become well prepared for graduate studies


Finance is often cited as one of the fastest growing and most valued degrees in “best future career” articles when researching this topic. Much of the opportunity lies in the “graying of America” in that retiring Baby Boomers need financial advisors to guide them through wise retirement resource management. In addition, as this immense group retires, career options and advancement are opening up due to the many positions that must be filled in many industries.