Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Minor in European Studies

Minor in European Studies
21 credits—18 from required courses and 3 from an approved elective

NOTE: Integrative Learning Courses (ILCs) can be used to meet requirements in the European Studies Minor.  Please contact Dr. Elvira Roncalli for more information.

Required courses

One approved course from each of the following disciplines:

ENLT 221:Survey of Classical Literature
ENLT 343: 18th Century British Literature
ENLT 423: Shakespeare
FR 302: French Literature through the 18th Century
FR 401or 402: French Literature of the 19th & 20th Centuries
GM 405: Neuigkeiten in Deutschland
SP 401 or 402: Culture and Literature of Spain I & II

PHIL 202: Medieval
PHIL 256: Social & Political
PHIL 315: Continental
PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy

HI 205: Nineteenth-century Europe
HI 303: Renaissance
HI 304: Reformation & Exploration
HI 307: The Cold War in Historical Perspective

TH 244: Christian Spirituality: Women Mystics
TH 251: The God Question
TH 342: History of Christian Thought: Middle Ages
TH 343: History of Christian Thought: Modernity to Post-Modernity

Courses taken during an approved study abroad to Europe may qualify for one of the four disciplinary courses with prior approval by the student’s academic advisor and the director of the minor.

Intermediate level proficiency up through the 204 course level in a European foreign language (Spanish, French, German, Greek, or Latin)

Elective Courses

One approved elective from one of the following disciplines: Literature, History, Philosophy, Theology, Political Science, Music, Education Abroad (Siena, Caen, Galway)

ENLT303: Medieval English Literature
ENLT323: Renaissance English Literature
ENLT343: 18th Century British Literature
ENLT363: 19th Century British Literature - The Romantics
ENLT367: 19th Century British Literature - The Victorians
ENLT383: 20th Century British Literature


HI204: Medieval History

HI231: History of the Ancient Mediterranean
HI312: History of Ireland
HI314: History of Modern France
HI316: History of Modern Germany
HI317: Interwar Europe
HI382: The Second World War Era


TH245: Eastern Christian Traditions
TH246: Church and State within the Carolingian Empire

Political Science
PO205: Early Modern Political Thought
PO332: Late Modern Political Thought

PHIL151: Ancient Philosophy

MUS261: Music Appreciation Theatre
THT318: History of Theatre I

Education Abroad
Any approved education abroad program in Europe including, but not limited to, the Université Basse Normandie, Caen, France; Arts and Humanities, Siena, Italy; University of Galway, Galway, Ireland (UK); any EuroLearn study or research program and any European ISEP program. For more information, please see the Carroll Education Abroad website.

HNR250: Judeo-Christian and Medieval Thought and HNR251: Renaissance Thought also qualify as electives for students in the Honors Scholars Program.