Carroll College, Helena Montana
ES 101: Exploring White Earth Fossil Beds
ES 320: Preparing to Core Lake Sediments
ES 300A: Winter Ecology in Yellowstone
BI 311: Stream Sampling for Macroinvertebrates
ES 320: Testing Well Samples
ES 121: Measuring Stream Characteristics

Environmental Programs

What to Expect

Located in the Rocky Mountains between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Montana provides the perfect place to learn and explore natural environments from prairies to alpine peaks. As the state capitol, Helena provides many internship opportunities in state government, federal agencies, environmental firms, and stewardship organizations. As a catholic institution embracing the Pope's encyclical Laudato Si, Carroll's environmental program intends to build a new generation of leaders to care for our common home. Depending on your interest, choose a degree program in science, policy, or our new major in outreach and interpretation.

Life After Graduation

Graduates of Carroll’s Environmental Program follow many different professional paths. Some end up employed permanently at the agencies or organizations where they had internships, others continue on to graduate school. A few choose the Peace Corps, and some have even embarked upon their own entrepreneurial journeys. Our faculty involve students in authentic undergraduate research often in partnership with local, state and federal agencies. Such opportunities often lead to job offers before graduation. Our alumni success stories are as individual as the students who come through our program. 

Meet the Director


Dr. Patricia Heiser, Director of the Environmental Program at Carroll, is an earth scientist with a Ph.D. from the University of Alaska, and 20 years of experience in the field.  She is passionate about preserving our natural environment for future generations and feels the best place to be isanywhere outdoors.  She would love to talk to you about your educational goals and career aspirations, and can be reached at 406.447.4341 or

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Environmental careers are on the rise and involve many employment sectors. Being the state capital, Helena is an ideal place for state and federal internships, which will prepare you well for graduate school or immediate employment in your chosen field, be it right here in Montana, elsewhere in the United States or around the world.


Senior Kathleen Schut presents fire history research at national geography meeting in Chicago.

Winter Ecology in Yellowstone course involved two weeks of field experiences, exploring Yellowstone by snowshoes, skis and snowcoach.

Environmental Field Methods class partners with MT-DEQ to conduct groundwater study near Helena.

Students help Professor Patricia Heiser retrieve sediment cores from lake to study climate change.