Carroll College, Helena Montana

Program Goals

Mission and Goals of the Program

The Environmental Program currently offers two majors that allow students to pursue different fundamental approaches and career paths aimed toward the stewardship of our natural environment. Student research and practical experience is integrated into the program through field-based courses, through student research, and many internship opportunities. Our goal is to prepare students to become sound ‘environmental citizens’, who understand and can practice the interdisciplinary connections and collaborations that will lead us to a more sustainable future.

Program Goals

1. Because an understanding of the biosphere requires scientific analysis of biological and physical processes, graduates will demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the basic principles of biology, chemistry and the earth sciences.
  • An ability to evaluate and interpret scientific data.
  • A working knowledge of fundamental laboratory techniques.

2. Because sustainable human activities require an integration of scientific, economic, and social information, graduates will demonstrate:

  • An understanding of basic political processes at the local, national and global levels.
  • An evolving knowledge of sustainable economic practices.
  • An ability to integrate and communicate science and social science data with integrity and reason.

3. Because solutions to environmental challenges must incorporate human values and a deep respect for social equity, graduates will be able to articulate common rights and the dignity shared by all humanity.

4. Because environmental challenges do not acknowledge political or cultural boundaries, graduates will be able to recognize the major physical and cultural gradients around the globe.

5. Because the sustainability of biodiversity, natural resources, and environmental quality will ultimately depend on collaboration between all components of society, graduates will be able to describe local and global examples of cooperation leading to effective solutions.