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Our English program has a simple goal:  to help you engage in the never-ending work of reading more insightfully, thinking more clearly, and writing more beautifully.  We know that you’ll be long gone from us when you’re at your best, but we know our programs in literature, education, and creative writing will help you get there.  We believe that literature is one of the most powerful ways that humans express what it means to be human, and that a steady, disciplined reading of classic and modern literature gives you insight and inspiration as you create your own texts.  Our writing courses help you pursue your own creative vision and build toward careers in editing, publishing, journalism, or technical writing.  Lastly, our courses in literary theory, rhetoric, and linguistics help you explore the powers and limitations of language and thought.

Carroll's English graduates can look forward to excellent placement opportunities in various careers, professional schools, and graduate programs around the country. Approximately one-third of Carroll's English graduates become educators in primary or secondary schools. Others pursue successful careers in advertising, business, communications, journalism, public relations, politics, publishing, and numerous other fields.

Carroll's English graduates often choose to pursue advanced degrees (M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D., etc.) in graduate programs and law schools across the United States and around the world. English faculty at Carroll are committed to placing qualified students into their chosen careers or the finest professional and graduate programs possible. Preparation for the Graduate Record Exam (G.R.E.) is a significant feature of this commitment to provide graduates with a solid foundation for academic and professional success.


  • Alumnus Jodi Schmitz is a grad student in speech pathology at Marquette University, where she is also a aeaching assistant.
  • Sarah Wear, class of 2007 (BA English), was accepted into the professional MBA program at George Washington University.  Her emphasis is in strategic management and public policy, which aligns with her full-time career as a strategic analyst working for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC.  She is expected to graduate in 2015.
  • Professor Kevin C Stewart's sestina "Upon The News that He Will No Longer Have the Only House on His Dead-End Road" appears in the February 2013 issue of the Red River Review (poem #35). Another poem, "Two Flat Tires," will appear in The Common in early 2013.
  • Professor Loren Graham's third book of poetry, currently untitled, has been accepted for publication CavanKerry Press of Fort Lee, New Jersey, forthcoming in 2014.



Think you got what it takes to be in Carroll’s Literary Magazine? Then submit your literary work (i.e. poetry, short stories) or art to: or submit your work to the Colors Office in the Lower Campus Center.

While you're at it, check out the 2012 edition and see what Carroll students and professors have created in the past: 

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to choose carroll college for english

  1. The department is just the right size so that professors teach the things that interest and excite them - and often end up interesting and exciting the students, too!
  2. Being treated as an equal by professors, not as another name to which they must assign a grade.
  3. Work on what you want to (within reason, of course!).
  4. Learn the power of rhetoric and mind control.
  5. The department has a sense of what is valuable to a student's development. The Professors actually care about the work you produce! 
  6. No one knows Shakespeare better than Morris. 
  7. Come finals, you suddenly become the most popular person on campus, so it's easy to make a little cash editing papers!
  8. Every professor encourages ideas and exploration of topics that are both interesting and valuable.
  9. No one questions your caffeine addictions or sleeping habits.
  10. The entire department seems like a large, loving (albeit dysfunctional) family!


Carroll English graduates are currently at work in the following fields, among others:

  • Advertising
  • Editing
  • Freelance Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Graduate Studies in English and Creative Writing
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Librarian
  • Masters In Business Administration
  • Poetry
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing
  • Speech Therapy
  • Teaching Middle School
  • Teaching High School
  • Technical Writing

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