Writing Degree Requirements

English Writing Major Requirements

Major Program Requirements
ENLE 200 Literary Studies
ENWR264 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENWR 498 Capstone Seminar

Writing Requirements
One additional 200- or 300-level writing course: ENWR 203,
305, 306, 337, or 347
One additional 400-level writing course
ENWR 451 or 461
Three writing electives:

  • Any ENWR 300- or 400-level

Courses in the writing requirements must include:

  • Two creative writing courses:

ENWR 337, 347, or 461

  • Two professional writing courses:

ENWR 203, 305, or 306

Literature Requirements

Six upper division literature courses (ENLE 300 or 400):
1. Two courses from these periods of American Literature:
Early American Literature
19th Century American Literature
20th Century American Literature
2. Three courses from these periods of British Literature:

  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Restoration and 18th Century British
  • 19th Century British
  • 20th Century British

3. One course in world literature OR a single marginalized group
(ENLT 334, 410, 411, 412, 416; FR 301, 302, 304, 404; SP
301, 302)
(The department strongly encourages majors to take one
literature course in a language other than English.)

Language and Criticism Requirement
Two ENLE courses beyond ENLE 200. Substitutions in this area
may include PHIL 261 and /or PHIL 315.

Foreign Language Requirement
A modern or classical second language through the intermediate level.

Minimum 48 credits, 16 courses, plus foreign language
The department strongly encourages majors to take one of their literature
courses in a language other than English.

English Writing Minor Requirements

Program Requirements
Twenty-one credits of English writing beyond ENWR 102, including:
ENLE 200 Literary Studies
ENWR 264 Introduction to Creative Writing
Any four upper division (300-400) courses in ENWR (ENWR 203 also satisfies this requirement)
Any one upper division elective (300-400) in ENLT