Carroll College, Helena Montana

Writing Degree Requirements

English Writing Major Requirements

Major Program Requirements
ENLE 200 Literary Studies
ENWR264 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENWR 498 Capstone Seminar

Writing Requirements
One additional 200- or 300-level writing course: ENWR 203,
305, 306, 337, or 347
One additional 400-level writing course
ENWR 451 or 461
Three writing electives:

  • Any ENWR 300- or 400-level

Courses in the writing requirements must include:

  • Two creative writing courses:

ENWR 337, 347, or 461

  • Two professional writing courses:

ENWR 203, 305, or 306

Literature Requirements

Six upper division literature courses (ENLE 300 or 400):
1. Two courses from these periods of American Literature:
Early American Literature
19th Century American Literature
20th Century American Literature
2. Three courses from these periods of British Literature:

  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Restoration and 18th Century British
  • 19th Century British
  • 20th Century British

3. One course in world literature OR a single marginalized group
(ENLT 334, 410, 411, 412, 416; FR 301, 302, 304, 404; SP
301, 302)
(The department strongly encourages majors to take one
literature course in a language other than English.)

Language and Criticism Requirement
Two ENLE courses beyond ENLE 200. Substitutions in this area
may include PHIL 261 and /or PHIL 315.

Foreign Language Requirement
A modern or classical second language through the intermediate level.

Minimum 48 credits, 16 courses, plus foreign language
The department strongly encourages majors to take one of their literature
courses in a language other than English.

English Writing Minor Requirements

Program Requirements
Twenty-one credits of English writing beyond ENWR 102, including:
ENLE 200 Literary Studies
ENWR 264 Introduction to Creative Writing
Any four upper division (300-400) courses in ENWR (ENWR 203 also satisfies this requirement)
Any one upper division elective (300-400) in ENLT