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Engineering 4-2

Graduate (4-2) Program

About the 4-2 Engineering Program

ClassTo provide the widest range of opportunities for students interested in mathematics and engineering, Carroll offers the 4-2 program which leads to a masters degree in the engineering field of your choice after completing a bachelors degree in mathematics at Carroll.

Carroll's degree in applied mathematics (concentration in engineering) combines the rigor of mathematics with its many engineering applications. This combination prepares the student for a graduate level engineering program at a research university.

Students completing degrees in Civil Engineering or Engineering Science are also prepared for graduate studied in engineering.

Upon graduation from Carroll, students attend graduate school for two years to earn a Masters of Science degree in their chosen engineering discipline. Most students receive full tuition waivers and monthly stipends while in school. Students may also elect to continue their studies and pursue a doctoral degree.

Recent participants in Carroll's 4-2 program have attended the following institutions: Columbia University, University of Notre Dame, University of Washington, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Colorado at Boulder, Montana State University, Colorado State University, and University of Iowa. 

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