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Elementary Education

Elementary Education

Carroll College’s elementary education program provides graduates with the education needed for initial teaching certification and/or advanced study.   Curriculum is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach effectively in the content areas using efficient strategies and up-to-date techniques in grades K-8.  Students also gain an understanding of child development and learner behavior that is imperative for teacher success in classroom settings.

Small class sizes, relevant content and individualized advising, plus a number of classroom field experiences that culminate with student teaching result in graduates who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach in an elementary school setting. The faculty challenges each student to grow to the limit of that student’s capabilities and to develop a personal sense of the teaching profession.


Our curriculum is designed to develop the whole student.  Students get many opportunities to experience the classroom and develop skills that will result in a job as a skilled professional.

Teacher Development Portfolio: Collect, Select, Reflect

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10 reasons

to choose carroll college for this program

  1. Lots of actual classroom experience, even as a freshman
  2. Creating relationships with students and teachers, both in the community & at Carroll
  3. Professors are friendly and helpful
  4. Small class sizes
  5. Education Club (opportunity for Professionalism)
  6. High quality education with diverse topics; well-rounded
  7. Playing games in PE and storytime in Children’s Literature
  8. Beautiful chapels & a great sense of community
  9. Candy in Connie’s office (YES!)
  10. Lots of extra-curricular activities available


  • Teach in public or private schools
  • Develop strong teaching skills that would aid in any profession for which education and training is required.