Course Descriptions

ED: Courses in Education

Department of Education: Health, Physical, and Teacher

ED 102 Foundations of Education 3 Cr
An introductory course for prospective teachers that provides a broad intellectual structure for understanding the nature of the school as a social institution, the teaching profession as a potential career, and themselves as prospective teachers. Students will explore: 1) a variety of social, political, economic, legal, and philosophical variables that have made the American public school what it is today, 2) the connections between historical and contemporary educational issues, and 3) the potential impact of their own temperaments, talents, and motivations, upon their satisfaction and effectiveness
as teachers. Students will be introduced to the conceptual framework and the portfolio assessment process that guides teacher education at Carroll College. A twenty (20) hour practicum experience in a public school classroom is required. Each semester. Fulfills Writing Intensive requirement.

ED 212 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School 3 Cr
An inspection of the scope and sequence of the elementary curriculum and possible models for classroom structure, identification of resource materials and teaching aids, and an emphasis on the techniques and methods in teaching problem-solving skills. Each student must make a classroom presentation with emphases on drill and the use of concrete aids to help teach a particular skill from the elementary curriculum. Prerequisite: MA 201-202 (May be taken concurrently). Spring semester.

ED 228 Children’s Literature 3 Cr
Students read, listen to, and evaluate a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction literature published for or enjoyed by children. Techniques for teaching literature and using literature in other content areas are discussed and presented. Spring semester.

ED/PSY 229 Educational Psychology 3 Cr
A study of the psychological theories and principles that affect teaching and learning in educational environments. The focus of this course is on the theories and methods associated with the process of learning as well as the application of this knowledge in a variety of classroom environments. Prerequisite: ED 102 or concurrent enrollment in ED 102; PSY 105, PSY
227, PSY 228, a PSY course approved by the instructor or consent of instructor. Each semester.

ED 245 Diversity Field Experience 1 Cr
This field placement must be in a school setting comprised of a diverse K-8 or 5-12 student population, and be for a minimum of thirty hours. Students will work with their education advisers to identify appropriate settings and to develop a proposal for the field experience. The proposal must be submitted to the Director of Teacher Education by September 1
for spring semester or by April 1 for fall semester. Prerequisites: Enrolled in a major that leads to teacher licensure and for ED 245A the student’s proposal for placement must have been approved. A background check may be required. Each semester.

ED 305 Classroom Management 2 Cr
This course is designed to assist the student in developing a knowledge base and skills in the area of classroom management. Both group and individual behavior management techniques will be addressed. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment with ED 323/ED 325 or ED 318. Fall semester.

ED 312 Elementary Science and Social Studies 4 Cr
A course designed to help the preservice teacher develop a defensible rationale for making curricular and instructional decisions concerning the substance of instruction, techniques of instruction, and evaluation practices as unique to the teaching of elementary social studies and science. This course combines lecture and laboratory in which students will study science and social studies curricula, the planning and design of hands-on activities and materials, and teaching both content and process. In addition, students will be exposed to the metric system of measurement. Prerequisites: A lab course in at least two of the following science disciplines: physical, life and earth science. Spring semester.

ED 318 Content Area Reading and Secondary Methods 3-4 Cr
This course considers classroom planning, lesson presentation skills, and instructional equipment and materials. Students study the development of listening, speaking, vocabulary, reading, and writing, and learn assessment
techniques as well as strategies to improve study skills, writing, and reading, while teaching content areas. Students analyze text and electronic reading materials used in content areas. Forty-five hours of experience in an assigned public school observation at the fifth or sixth grade level will be assigned observations in the seventh through 12th grade levels. Students
with no fifth or sixth grade observation must complete their exploratory at the fifth or sixth grade level. This course can be taken with exploratory for 4 credits and for 3 credits without exploratory. Students seeking a Reading K-12 minor may take this course for 3 credits, all others must take it for 4 credits. Prerequisite: ED/PSY 229 and acceptance or provisional acceptance into the teacher education program. Fall semester.

ED 320 Art Education in the Elementary School 2 Cr
This course provides knowledge and appreciation of art instructional methods necessary to 1) teach the K-8 students the basic elements and principles of artistic design, 2) develop in the K-8 student an appreciation of the role of cultural heritage in the visual environment, 3) understand the stages of creative development in children, and 4) establish an appropriate
art curriculum. Spring semester.

ED 323 Teaching the Communication Arts I 2 Cr
Students focus on the development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment of writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and thinking. Methods, materials, techniques, and strategies for teaching all of the communication arts are presented and discussed. Prerequisite: ED/PSY 229, concurrent enrollment in ED 325, and acceptance or provisional acceptance into the
teacher education program. Fall semester.

ED 324 Diagnostic-Based Interventions in Literacy Instruction 2 Cr
This course is designed to prepare the classroom teacher to assess children’s reading levels and provide instruction for the corrective and remedial reader using appropriate methods. Students are required to complete a clinical experience. Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or better in ED 325 or ED 318. Spring semester.

ED 325 Teaching the Communication Arts II 3 Cr
Methods, materials, techniques, and strategies for teaching reading will be presented. The students will study word recognition, comprehension, and metacognition teaching strategies as well as emergent literacy. One-third of this course is devoted to public school classroom work which will be arranged and required for each student. Prerequisites: ED/PSY 229, concurrent enrollment in ED 323, and acceptance or provisional acceptance into the teacher education program. Fall semester.

ED 329 Music Education in the Elementary School 3 Cr
This course is designed to prepare the elementary teacher to incorporate music into the classroom setting. Students will learn the fundamentals of music, develop music skills, and survey music teaching methods. The course includes a study of musical concepts, repertoire of children’s songs, and basic skills on classroom instruments. Students must provide their own
guitar. Fall semester.

ED 344 Secondary Social Studies 2 Cr
This course is an examination of selected concepts and generalizations of the social sciences that form the framework of contemporary social studies curricula in the secondary school. Students will be asked to develop a defensible rationale for making curricular and instructional decisions concerning the substance of instruction, techniques of instruction, and
evaluation practices as unique to the social studies classroom in grades five through 12. Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or better in ED 318 or consent of instructor. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

ED 346 Teaching Science in the Secondary School 2 Cr
This course will examine the techniques and materials used in teaching the physical and biological sciences at the secondary level. Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or better in ED 318 or consent of instructor. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

ED 350 Middle School Teaching 3 Cr
This course looks at the sociological, psychological, historical, and philosophical foundations of middle schools. In addition, middle school program, organization, planning, curriculum, and evaluation will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on developing an interdisciplinary unit of study at the middle school level. Prerequisites: ED/PSY 229 and junior/senior status.
Fall semester, even-numbered years.

ED/ENLE 365 Young Adult Literature 3 Cr
A study of literature written for young adults. Students will read, listen to and evaluate a wide variety of literature published for or enjoyed by young adult readers, including traditional folk tales, myths, and legends; fantasy and realistic fiction; biography and autobiography; and poetry. Students will also study techniques for teaching and using literature in the 5-12
classroom. Prerequisites: ENWR 102 and ENLE 200. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

ED 403-404 Internship 5 Cr
A half-day, two-semester field experience program for qualified senior students. The internship will be consecutive, beginning the fall semester of the senior year and ending with the spring semester of the senior year. Due to scheduling of course work, the first semester’s internship is in the morning hours, while the second semester’s field experience is completed
in the afternoon. Prerequisite: ED 318 or ED 325, and acceptance to student teaching. Offered annually.

ED 405 Education Seminar 1 Cr
A one-hour discussion of issues directly related to the professional concerns of the classroom teacher. This seminar is required of all individuals who will apply for teacher certification upon termination of a preservice field experience. Successful completion of the seminar will fulfill the comprehensive examination requirement for majors in elementary education and social science for secondary education. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in ED 403, ED 404, ED 408 or ED 410, or consent of instructor. Those approved for student teaching outside the Helena area take ED 405 in the semester prior to their student teaching. Each semester.

ED 407 Organization & Administration of the Reading Program 2 Cr
This course develops skills for organizing, managing, and evaluating reading programs for all children (K-12) and presents methods for promoting staff, administration, and community support for reading programs. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in ED 403, ED 404, ED 408 or ED 410. Each semester.

ED 408 Student Teaching in the Minor Area 5 Cr
For qualified students pursuing professional teacher licensing in a minor endorsement area only, or seeking a second minor endorsement. A full day, five-week directed teaching program in the student’s minor area. The teaching candidate must not undertake any other duties or college courses during the daytime teaching assignment; student teaching is a full-time
responsibility. The program is open to elementary and secondary education majors who are pursuing a minor in a certifiable area and may be completed in either the first or second semester of the senior year. Prerequisite: ED 318 or ED 325, and acceptance to student teaching. Each semester.

ED 410 Student Teaching 12 Cr
For qualified students pursing professional teacher licensing in a major, or a major and minor endorsement, area of study. A full day, 15-week directed teaching program in the student’s major and minor areas. The teaching candidate must not undertake any other duties or college courses during the daytime teaching assignment; student teaching is a full-time responsibility. The program is open to elementary and secondary education majors and may be completed in either the first or second semester of the senior year. Prerequisite: ED 318 or ED 325, and acceptance to student teaching. Each semester.

ED/ENLE 411 Teaching English on the Secondary Level 3 Cr
A study of the theories and methods for teaching the communication arts in the secondary schools with special emphasis on teaching literature and composition, as well as contemporary issues within the profession. Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or better in ED 318 or consent of instructor. Fall semester; odd-numbered years.

ED 412 Measurement & Assessment in Teaching 3 Cr
This course will look at the role of measurement and assessment in the instructional process. Classroom tests and standardized tests will be analyzed. Gathering, administering and interpreting assessment data will be examined. Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or better in ED 318 or ED 325, if required, or consent of instructor. Spring semester.

ED 418 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School 3 Cr
Methods of teaching mathematics in grades five through 12. Emphasis will be given to methods in teaching individual topics, the techniques of problem-solving, models for classroom organization, evaluation of different curricula, individual instruction, and examination of possible aids (including the computer) for classroom instruction. Each student must make classroom
presentations using different teaching skills in teaching topics from the secondary curriculum. Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or better in ED 318 or consent of instructor. Fall semester, odd-numbered years.