Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

GIS: Courses in Geographic Information Systems

GIS 110 Introduction to GIS (Geographic Information Systems), 3 credits.
This course will cover the principles and application of Geographic Information Systems. Topics covered include spatial data models, obtaining and creating spatial data, GPS, GIS databases, spatial analysis, raster analysis and cartographic modeling.  The emphasis is on hands on use of GIS software and data.  No prerequisites.  Offered every semester.

GIS 220 GIS Databases, 2 credits.
This course will cover the principles of spatial database design as well as the integration of various spatial and non-spatial data formats into GIS databases. The course will focus on using current GIS technologies and trends in spatial data management to design, create and manage GIS databases. Topics to be covered include GIS and relational database design as well as integration of disparate data sources such as CAD, GPS and surveying data.  Prerequisites: GIS 110 or equivalent experience. Offered every semester. 

GIS 221 Remote Data Acquisition and Management, 2 credits.
GIS 221 covers the acquisition, management, and use of remote sensing data. The course will focus on satellite based raster data but will also address data acquisition and use of airplane, unmanned aerial vehicles, and ground based sensors. Topics will include: remote sensing platforms, remote sensing data acquisition, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral sensors, and ortho-registration.  Prerequisites: GIS 110 and GIS 220 or equivalent experience. Offered spring semester, even years.

GIS 315 Spatial Analysis, 2 credits.
GIS 315 will bring together concepts from previous GIS courses by practical application of methods and procedures used in GIS. The focus will be on using real world project examples and exercises to provide advanced instruction on GIS analytical models and techniques and prepare students to be able to complete professional level GIS projects from start to finish.  Automated model development is also covered.  Prerequisites:
 GIS 110 and GIS 220 or equivalent experience. Fall semester.

GIS 316 Raster Analysis, 2 credits.
This course will give students experience in application and issues 
surrounding using raster GIS data such as the raster structure (its advantages and limitations), appropriate data and procedures, surface modeling and 3D datasets. Integration of remote sensing data into raster GIS datasets will also be covered. Other topics will include: vector 
to raster conversion, resampling, raster modeling / map algebra, interpolation and digital terrain modeling and analysis. Prerequisites: GIS
110 and GIS 220 or equivalent experience. Spring semester, odd years.

GIS 430 GIS Project, 3 credits.
The GIS Senior Project course demonstrates the student’s ability to apply their knowledge and expertise in geospatial science and technologies to a problem in their major or area of interest. This course may be taken in conjunction with a Senior Thesis, Senior Project, Honors Thesis or other Project based class in a major with the consent of both instructors.  The GIS Senior Project should address a moderately complex issue that is appropriate for detailed investigation using geospatial techniques.  Prerequisites: GIS
110 and GIS 220 or equivalent experience. Spring semester.