Current Courses

Spring Classes for Steve Harper

CS311 Database Implementation

This is a continuation of the CS 310 Database course with an emphasis on medium-scale software development in Oracle. Weekly lab and classes. Prerequisites: CS110, CS120, CS230, CS310.

CS389 Student Topics in Computer Science

This class, mostly led by students, will work on current hot topics of interest to students that are not in the regular curriculum.

CS430 Senior Project

This course will present student with a substantial experience in software engineering. Students will investigate, design, implement and present a significant software project, working both as individuals and in project teams.

Projects will also teach the students about project management concerns. Normally taken in the last year of residence. Prerequisites: CS310 and CS410.

CS495: Computer Science Seminar

Various topics not covered in other computer science courses are researched and discusses. Students consider selected readings, and each makes a presentation and leads a discussion on a chosen topic. Normally taken in the last year of residence.

LAS206: Perspectives on Gender: Interdisciplinary Views of Males and Females in Society

This course, taught by 14 different professors, addresses many issues. How do experiences, ideas, and roles linked to gender influence your life? What roles do biology, culture, history, and personal experience play in how you and others define the familiar terms “masculine” and “feminine”? What questions about sex and gender are raised within different fields of study—psychology, history, communications, philosophy, or business? My section is entitled "Football, Tootsie and the Irish."

Fall Classes for Steve Harper

CS310 Database Design

This course concentrates on representing, storing and retrieving data from external storage devices. This course includes medium-scale software development using a high-level database language. Weekly lab and classes. Prerequisites: CS110, CS120, CS230.

CS230 Software Engineering

This course addresses the development of software systems. Students will analyze, design, implement, test and present an object-oriented team project. Main objectives are to learn object-oriented principles and project management and why they are important. Weekly lab and classes. Prerequisites: CS110, CS120.

CS 189 Viral Video

Get Smart! Smartphones have given rise to "Citizen Video" so in this course student citizens can start producing their citizen videos for distribution on You Tube and elsewhere. Students will dive in to produce movies that will end up on You Tube and in Carroll's spring Charlies competition. The Citizen Video course will then expand into Citizen Media, and the world of podcasting and video casting. An entry-level digital moviemaking and citizen media primer for student filmmakers. You can use your smart phone or your camera or video or ipad to shoot some video. (We even have a couple of video-cameras.) Then we will edit it into something interesting. Whether it goes viral is out of our hands, but it will be good enough for the Charlies!

LAS101J Alpha Seminar

This CORE course for freshmen introduces the liberal arts education and the practice of critical reading, writing and discussion.