Carroll College, Helena Montana

Teaching Philosophy

 Learning is one of the most important activities in developing a life that is rewarding and sucessful, whether that success is material or spiritual. Personal growth, through learning, means diving into new, challenging and frustrating experiences and then, sometimes with help, meeting the challenge and developing an understanding of the experience.

I believe learning is a combination of reading, hearing, thinking, experiencing and practicing. Depending on the person and where they are at, some or all of these ways of learning can be most valuable. We can learn intellectually (in the head) or emotionally (in the gut).

Learning computer technologies can be very intellectual. There is a whole new language and many engineering and mathematical concepts. It also involves how to work with people and learning what non technical issues we face (personal communication, security, project teams, etc..)

I strive to develop classes that combine the intellectual with hands on experience and develop some "real world" understanding of how computers work, what they do and don't change in the world around us and how they change our relationships with people.

I enjoy teaching because I think it is one of the best ways to leave something of lasting value with the world. It is through sharing, supporting and passing on our collective experience in the world that we can improve the future for everyone. Watching students expand and mature in their intellectual independence, level of thinking and insight into the world is a rewarding experience for me.