Carroll College, Helena Montana



We get new openings and requests for interns regularly. See Dave Marshall for the latest information or to get more details.

Some past placement opportunities include:

  • Northrop Grumman, Software Engineer, August 2005 and ongoing. Northrop Grumman is a national, top flight, software developer in business and aerospace systems. They also offer database and network services. Internships are generally paid and located in Helena.
  • Legislative Services, Network Support, August 2005, 2 year preferred, filled. Legislative Services Division of Montana State Government offers IT systems and support (including networks, database, and software systems) to State Legislators and their staff in Helena. Internships are paid.
  • Montana Promotion, Web Developer, September 2005. Montana Promotion offers web promotion services to Montana organizations. Web development, database and network skills are typical.
  • Montana Information Services Division, web developer, September 2005. Information Services Division provides large scale IT service (voice, video, Internet, software development, web, security and database administration) to all state government agencies. Internships are paid.
  • Anderson-Zuermuellen, Software Engineering, September 2005. A-Z is a local Helena accounting firm offering substantial accounting, business management, human resource and IT services to various small businesses.
  •, Programming, October 2005. Mortonint is a small Internet and web application development firm specializing in e-commerce solutions.
  • Fast Enterprises, Programming, October 2005, Spring 2006. Boise based, Fast Ent. is a systems consulting company specializing in the application development and software engineering of government revenue application systems. They hire many software developers and some other computer professionals for work of State of Montana Tax Processing systems as well as on other financial systems at offices around the country.
  •, November 2005, web portal developer. Livemodern is a small web portal dedicated to modernist housing issues. The operate and develop a website and the position is paid.
  • Carroll College IT, Web Developer, and Network support, fall, 2005. Carroll College offers network, web, computer support and administrative computing service and support to the college.
  • Boeing Business and Engineering Internships, spring 2006. Boeing is a large aerospace company hiring business and various engineering interns primarily for summer employment.
  • Lewis and Clark County, IT Services, summer 2006. IT Services offers network and computer support to Lewis and Clark County and Helena City agencies. Internships are generally paid.
  • Montana Department of Natural Resources, summer 2006. DNRC is a State Agency managing Montana’s public natural resources. IT internships are generally network related and paid.
  • Lewis and Clark County, Address Center, summer 2006. The Address Center coordinates and maintains addressing and special GIS data for the county using ArcGIS. Internships are generally paid.
  • Montana Space Grant Consortium, summer 2006. Based at Montana State in Bozeman, this internships is for engineering, math and cs students interested in research and space work.
  • Mountain West Bank, April 2006. Mountain West is a fast growing local bank in Helena. The internship involves a wide variety of typical banking related computer and information technologies duties and activities.
  • Unipro, April 2006. Unipro is a service company for Montana credit unions, providing ISP, support and other technical banking services. The opportunities involve a wide variety of typical network and IT support related computer and information technologies duties and activities.
  • Montana Department of Transportation, April 2006. The Department of Transportation has a temporary position of someone with writing skills and technical knowledge to do a several month project.
  • DFI - Diversified Financial, Inc. is a small Montana financial company moving from Billings to Helean and looking for 4-8 new technology employeees from the Helena area.
  • Recruiting and Placement Information

  • US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “BLS Releases 2004-2014 Employment Projections”, Dec. 2005. Shows IT with 3 of the top 10 growth occupations over the next 10 years (the other 7 are in healthcare). Computer networks are 2nd at 55% and Software Engineers are 5th and 8th (application and system).
  • Tech Skills are Hot, Computerworld, Dec 27, 2006. Developers, Security experts and Project Managers are projected as the hottest hiring areas in 2006.