Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

CIS Major Requirements

Computer Science Course Requirements: Completion of the requirements for the minor in Computer Science.

Computer Information Systems (CIS)
CIS is a combination of computer science courses and business courses preparing a student to enter the workforce in any number of technical management and IT positionions. It combines business classes with applied, hands-on computing classes to develop skills that are more immediately applicable to the job world. Note that the Project Management Certificate can be earned by using Project Management classes for Business Requirements and EC203 for Social Science CORE.

I. CIS Program Requirements
CS 110 Introduction to Computer Science & Java Programming
CS 120 Data Structures and Program Design
CS 202 Web Development
CS 220 Programming with Excel
CS 289 Introduction to Linux/Unix (2 credit)*
CS 310 Database Design & Implementation I
CS 330 Networking I
CS 410 Operating Systems
CS 421 Network Security
CS 487 Internship (1 credit)

and at least on of the following:
CS 230 Software Engineering (WI-if this course is NOT taken, an additional ENWR is required)
CS 311 Database Design & Implementation II
CS 331 Networking II

And two (2) additional course chosen from above OR from the following:
CS 201 Web Design
CS 213 Computer Apps in Business
Any GIS class

II. Business Requirements, andy 4 courses chosen from:

BA 203 Accounting I
BA 301 Business Law
or BA 302 Business Law II
BA 375 Fundamentals of Management
BA 409 Operations Research
EC 203 Project Management Economics
Any PMGT course(es)

III. Other Program Requirements
CO 206 Small Group Communications
or PSY 200 Emotional Intelligence
ENWR 305 Technical Writing
or ENWR xxx Web Writing *
MA 207 Probability and Statistics

*Pending Approval

CIS Minor Requirements

Minor in Computer Information Systems (CIS)
22 credits in Computer Information Systems including:
CS 110 Introduction to Computer Science and Java Programming
CS 202 Web Development
CS 310 Database Design & Implementation I
CS 330 Networking I
Plus additional classes from the CIS major (section I or II) or any GIS class.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major or minor in computer science or computer information systems, a student must earn a grade of “C” or better in all of the courses listed for the major or minor. A lesser grade in any of these courses must be replaced before the Bachelor of Arts degree will be granted. In addition, a “D” or “F” grade in any of these courses precludes taking subsequent courses for which the deficient course is a prerequisite.