Degree Requirements

Community Health Major Requirements

Major Program Requirements
BI 102 Human Biology
CHS 330 Introduction to Community Health (ND or GD)
CHS 333 Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Health Programs
CHS 405 Senior Seminar (WI)
CHS 410 Mgmt of Health Promotion Programs
CHS 415 Internship (1-6 credits)
ENWR 303 Grant Writing (WI)
HPE 101 or 102 (1) Activity Courses
HPE 214 School Health Programs
HS198 Exploration of Health/Wellness Issues
HS 230  Introduction to Epidemiology
HS 307 Evidence Based Research Methods in Health Science (WI)
HS 335  Health Policy, Management and Issues: National and Global Perspectives (ND or GD)
HS 303 Public Health Nutrition
MA 207  Statistics
PHIL  208  Bioethics
or PHIL 206 Environmental Ethics
or TH 222   Health Care Ethics
PSY 105  General Psychology

Students interested in public health science are encouraged to take additional natural science courses

Recommended Courses:  (depending on interest)
CO 206   Small Group Communication
CO 325  Intercultural Communication
CO 360  Communication & Well-Being
GIS 110   Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
HS 329 Public Health and the Environment
PSY 203   Developmental  Psychology
PSY 308   Health Psychology
Additional Psychology courses depending on interests:
SO 101  Introduction to Sociology
SO 351  Medical  Sociology
Business, Management courses, HPE courses

Community Health Minor Requirements

Minor Program Requirements
Foundation Courses
Three foundation courses (9 credits) from the following:
 HS 230     Epidemiology
CHS 330   Community Health Methods
CHS 333   Planning, Implementing, & Evaluating Health Programs
or HS 303 Public Health Nutrition

Methods Courses
Two methods courses (6 credits) from the following:
CHS 410 Management of Health Promotion Programs
CO 360 Health Communications
HS 307 Evidenced Based Research in Health Science (WI)

A minimum of two courses (6/7 credits) from the following approved electives:
ENWR 303  Grant Writing (WI)
BI 102  Human Biology
CS 189  Intro to GIS
ES 121  Environmental Science
HPE 135  Intro to Wellness
HPE 214  School Health Programs
HPE 234  Sports Nutrition and Conditioning
HS 198  Exploration of Health/ Wellness Issues
HS 303 Public Health Nutrition
HS 329 Public Health and the Environment
HS 335  Health Policy, Management, & Issues: National & Global Perspectives (ND or GD)
PHIL 206  Environmental Ethics
PHIL 208  Bioethics
PSY 308  Health Psychology
SO 291  Social Gerontology
SO 345  Gender, Health, & Medicine
SO 351  Medical Sociology
TH 222  Health Care Ethics

Admission to Community Health and Health Science Internship Program
All Community Health and Health Science majors must apply for
admission to the internship program.  Applicants must have a mini-
mum of 2.5 GPA and a grade of “C” or better in all requirements for
the major.  Applications must be submitted to the internship director
no later than March 1 of the sophomore or junior year.  Failure to do so may cancel
the student’s opportunity to participate in an internship during the
fall and/or spring semesters of the following school year.  It is the stu-
dent’s responsibility to seek admission to the internship program.  The
student’s eligibility will be considered by the Community Health and
Health Sciences faculty upon receipt of the appropriate forms and three
recommendations from Carroll College faculty and staff. For more information, please see the program web page.