Carroll College, Helena Montana


Rev. Daniel B. Shea

Associate Professor of Languages

Education:A.B. Carroll College; M.Div. St Thomas Seminary; M.Ed. Montana State University; Ph. D. Boston College

Areas of research or interests: The Dies Irae: A Texual, Topical, Historical and Metrical Analysis, and traveling abroad with students, faculty and alumni (especially to Rome and Athens)

Phone: 406.447.5506

"With over 30 years at Carroll, I’ve taught in 5 different departments, served as VPSA. As Carroll’s last utility player, I must really like this place or I must really be crazy. You decide."

Don Jacques

Adjunct Professor in Classical Studies (Greek) and Liberal Arts Studies (Alpha Seminar)

Education: M.A. (Classical Languages and Literatures), The University of Chicago; A.B. (Classics), Boston College

Phone: 406.447.4364
Email: :

Areas of Research or Interests:
The paedagogy of teaching classical languages and mediation/conflict resolution.  My interests also include aikido, birding, and the enjoyment of Montana's great outdoors. 

"I love teaching Greek!  It’s so rewarding to see students start off not even knowing the alphabet, but within a relatively short time being able to pick up a text and read it.  I get a big kick out of seeing the excitement and pride in their eyes, when they come into class and share how what they’ve learned in Greek related to something in another class.  Challenging as our work may be, it’s something the students and I both look forward to and thoroughly enjoy!"