Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Major in Classical Studies

I. Major Program Requirements
Fourty-eight semester credits total, including the following 30:
LA 101-102 Introductory Latin
LA 203-204 Intermediate Latin
GK 201-202 Introductory Greek
GK 301-302 Intermediate Greek
CLST 491 Senior Research Seminar
CLST 492 Senior Writing Seminar

II. Other Program Requirements
Eighteen semester credits from the following:
ART 110 Art Appreciation
ENLT 215 Survey of Classical Literature
HI 201 Greek History
HI 202 Roman History
HI 203 Medieval Hhistory
LL 220 Introduction to Linguistics
PHIL 151 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 202 Medieval Philosophy
TH 231 Introduction to the Old Testament
TH 232 Introduction to the New Testament
TH 341-342 History of Christian Thought I and II

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Studies are required to write a comprehensive paper. By April 1 of the junior year, students must submit a proposal stating the topic of the comprehensive paper and signed by the faculty member who has agreed to direct the paper.

Minor in Classical Studies

Program Requirements
LA 101 and 102 Introductory Latin
LA 203 and 204 Intermediate Latin
GK 201 and 202 Introductory Greek
GK 301 and 302 Intermediate Greek

The introductory course (two semesters) in the other classical language
12 credits from the courses listed under "Other Program Requirements" for the Classical Studies major.