Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

CLST: Courses in Classical Studies

Department of Languages and Literature

LA 101-102 Introductory Latin  8 Cr
This course is designed to give students an introduction to Latin and some experience translating Latin authors. Latin grammar is presented in a way that is understandable to students and at the same time preserves what is best in the long tradition of classical scholarship. Class material reflects Roman thought, history, philosophy, and includes the most famous quotations and excerpts of the best Latin writers and thinkers. Fulfills the Global Diversity requirement.

LA 203-204 Intermediate Latin  8 Cr
This course builds on the fundamentals of the introductory class and develops proficiency in translating and understanding Latin and classical culture. Selected authors include Cicero, Horace, Pliny, Nepos,
Livy, Vergil, Catullus, Martial, et al. Prerequisite: LA 101-102. Fulfills the Global Diversity Requirement.

GK 201-202 Introductory Greek  6 Cr
The ancient Greeks have never ceased speaking to those who will listen. This introductory course and its intermediate sequel aim to help students acquire as quickly and efficiently as possible the requisite linguistic knowledge, skills, and habits to enable them to engage the likes of Herodotus, Plato, Homer, Thucydides, Luke, and Paul on their own terms, in their own tongue. Utilizing both a continuous, culturally rich narrative reflective of Greek syntax and style, as well as authentic extracts from ancient and biblical authors, this fascinating transcultural exercise in communication across time will afford opportunities to compare and contrast aspects of language and life and invite exploration into areas of personal interest. Fulfills Global Diversity requirement.

GK 301-302 Intermediate Greek  6 Cr
Continuing the modus operandi of GK 201-202, this course builds upon the fundamentals of morphology, syntax, vocabulary acquisition, and word-formation principles, with increasing emphasis upon elements of style and how to approach a wide variety of authentic texts. This includes exposure to variations between the Attic, Ionic,
and Koine (NT) dialects. Prerequisite: GK 201-202. Fulfills Global Diversity requirement.

CLST 491 Senior Research Seminar 1 Cr
This course is an independent study that focuses on the development of a research project. As part of this course, students will attend biweekly meetings to discuss their research progress. Seminar sessions supervised by the faculty director. Offered as needed.

CLST 492 Senior Writing Seminar 1 Cr
This course focuses on the completion of the comprehensive paper. The paper must be approved by the faculty supervisor and a second reader. Offered as needed.

CLST 485 Independent Study Variable Cr

CLST 499 Honors Thesis Variable Cr