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Chemistry Program

Chemistry majors at Carroll use cutting edge scientific instrumentation to explore the principles that govern how atoms and molecules interact. Students in the department expand their knowledge as they engage in challenging courses, perform supervised independent research in laboratories, learn to evaluate data, develop laboratory skills and hone critical thinking skills. Recent graduates have gone straight from the chemistry program into medical school, Ph.D. programs, pharmacy school, and started at research positions with the National Institutes of Health and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.

Training students to think like scientists

Chemistry labCarroll chemistry majors have at their disposal a wide range of advanced scientific equipment, including a 400 MHz Bruker NMR (see our Chemical Instruments page for more details). We have redesigned our curriculum to include a year long senior level laboratory course (Integrated Laboratory) that incorporates current scientific research and independent projects. We want our students to think like scientists and be well prepared for their next endeavor, so we provide an environment that allows them to practice these skills. Our program teaches students to solve problems, critically evaluate data, communicate scientific data through written and oral presentations, develop careful laboratory skills and to become independent and creative thinkers.

Well-rounded, integrated and connected

Chemistry is the discipline that connects all of the natural sciences. In chemistry courses at Carroll, students integrate an atomic/molecular view of matter with principles from math and physics to learn the properties and structure of matter, how matter interacts with itself, and how it is transformed in chemical reactions. Since it is integral to science, emphasis on problem-solving and techniques is included at every course level.

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  1. Recent chemistry graduates have gone on to pursue...
  2. Our chemistry graduates have gone on to attend these graduate and professional schools...
  3. Our chemistry majors have these kinds of undergraduate research opportunities...
  4. Last summer, current chemistry majors participated in research/internships at the following places...

Recent chemistry graduates have gone on to:

  • Medical School at Creighton
  • Pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics at CU– Boulder
  • A research position at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
  • Pharmacy School at Oregon State
  • Medical School at the University of Washington
  • A research position at the National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Pursue a Ph.D. in chemical and environmental engineering at the University of Arizona
  • Pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Notre Dame
  • Pursue a Masters degree in Education at Seattle Pacific University
  • Work at Energy Laboratories Inc. in Helena, MT

Last summer, current chemistry majors participated in research/internships at the following places:

  • Carroll College, Helena, MT
  • USDA ARC Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory, Logan, UT
  • Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA


Five students present at the 2013 Fall Social of the Montana Section of the American Chemical Society.