Carroll College, Helena Montana
International Business Concentration

International Business Concentration

Business Administration: International Business Concentration

Combine your interest in travel and other cultures with a career in business. The global economy has created opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, and non-profits. An understanding of global business practices and cultural similarities or differences can lead to career opportunities in international management, human resource management, sales and marketing, financial management, non-profit management, cultural advisors to businesses, and government positions. 

In addition to the foundation business courses required of all Business Administration majors, International Business concentration students will also take the following courses:

Required classes:

  • BA 401 International Marketing
  • EC 306 International Economics: Trade and Global Organization
  • EC 406 International Economics: Finance and Economic Systems
  • Foreign Language (six credits)
  • Note: A Study Abroad Experience is required in the Business Major Program Requirements  in place of EC 309 for students in the International Business Concentration.

Plus one of the following courses:

  • BA 393/EC393 Socioeconomic Issues: India
  • CO 325 Intercultural Communication