Carroll College, Helena Montana


Dr. Sam Alvey

Dr. Sam AlveyAssociate Professor of Biology

Phone: 406-447-4313

Ph.D. University of California, Riverside,
B.S. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Areas of Interest: Soil Microbiology, Microbial Ecology

Courses Taught: Introductory Biology, Microbiology, Plant Physiology

"I enjoy seeing alumni come back to campus because I am almost always impressed with the activities, professions and contributions they are making in their communities and world."

Jill Anne Dill

Laboratory Coordinator

M.S. St. Louis University
B.A. Drury College

Dr. Jennifer Glowienka

Associate Professor of Biology
Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences      
Phone: 406-447-4461

Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder
B.S. Boise State University

Areas of Interest: Plant systematics and evolution; conservation genetics

Courses Taught: Biological Principles, Plant Biology, Genetics, Evolutionary Analysis

"For me, being at Carroll means that everyday I get to interact with bright, motivated students and work with dedicated and interesting colleagues."

Dr. Dan Gretch

Dr. Dan GretchAssociate Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Phone: 406-447-4463

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.S. College of Great Falls

Areas of Interest: Biochemistry; Prion diseases

Courses taught: Biochemistry, Biochemistry II, Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry, Cell Biology

Dr. Grant Hokit

Grant HokitAssociate Professor of Biology

Phone: 406-447-4460

Ph.D. Oregon State University,
B.S. Colorado State University

Areas of Interest: Ecology, Herpetology

Courses Taught: Biological Principles, Ecology, Comparative Anatomy

"Beyond academics, the students at Carroll are top quality people… better than any other place I’ve taught before."

Dr. Stefanie Otto-Hitt

Stefanie Otto-HittAssistant Professor of Biology

Phone: 406-447-4716

Ph.D. State University of New York, Stony Brook
B.S. State University of New York, Stony Brook

Areas of Interest:

Courses Taught:  Biological Principles, Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology

Dr. Caroline Pharr

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 406-447-4311

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.S. Carroll College

Areas of Interest: Organic Chemistry, Chemical Education

Courses Taught: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry

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Dr. Gerald Shields

Gerry ShieldsJames J. Manion Endowed Chair of Biology
Phone: 406-447-5464

Ph.D. University of Toronto,
M.S. Central Washington State College,
B.A. Carroll College

Areas of Interest: Population and Evolutionary Genetics

Courses Taught: Evolution, Senior Seminar, Honors Research

"most of the science students at Carroll are here for an education not just a degree."

Dr. Brandon Sheafor

Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 406-447-4566

Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder
B.A. The Colorado College

Areas of Interest: Physiological ecology of vertebrates, amphibian decline, adaptation to high altitude environments

Courses taught: Biological Principles, Animal Physiology, Physiological Ecology, Human Biology

Dr. Kyle Strode

Dr. Kyle StrodeAssociate Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 406-447-5564

Ph.D. Montana State University,
B.A. Manchester College

Areas of Interest: Analytical Chemistry

Courses Taught: General Chemistry, Quantitative Analysis

Dr. Anthony Szpilka

Anthony Szpilka

Associate Professor, received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell University. His research focused on theories of structural and magnetic ordering in alloys and magnetic solids; other current interests include electronics, thermodynamics, and statistical physics.  He enjoys hiking, bicycling, and cooking, and serves as a reader and catechist at the Cathedral of St. Helena.

Courses taught:Engineering Physics I & II (Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism), Electronics & Circuit Analysis I & II, Thermodynamics, Modern Physics, Complex Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Optimization.

Dr. Colin Thomas

Chemisty Program Coordinator                                                                                                                   Dr. Colin Thomas                 Assistant Professor of Chemistry                                       
Phone: 406-447-4320

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. University of California, Davis
Areas of Interest:  Inorganic, Organometallic, and Green chemistry
Courses Taught: General Chemistry, Instrumental Methods, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, and Essentials of Chemistry

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