Carroll College, Helena Montana

Student Work

Carroll College Student Art

Each spring the Carroll Art Gallery features a student exhibit. Below are some examples of arwork created by students in recent art classes.

(Some student work is inspired by or a copy of a masterwork.)

In 2015, the students to be featured include:

  • Amber Strouf
  • Nate Kavanagh
  • Shelby Olson
  • Juan Espinoza
  • Nicole Anthony
  • Shae Hess
  • Patrick Zepeda
  • Bridgette Oberweiser
  • Sabrina Harding
  • Trent Antis
  • Mike Elliot
  • Arianna Lowe
  • Tyler Retzer
  • Terence Ang
  • Victoria Kong
  • Alexa Daskalos
  • Sam Fisher
  • Emma Peterson
  • Ashley S
  • Brianna Eaton
  • John McFarland
  • Margaret Korus

Fischer Fischer