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Livingston Found: A Rescued Photographic Treasure

October 20 to December 10, 2014, 2014 in the Carroll Art Gallery.

Livingston FoundThe Carroll Art Gallery presents "Livingston Found: A Rescued Photographic Treasure".  This is a special exhibition of photographs from the collection of Livingston photographer and guest curator, Angela Gill.  The exhibit will feature a series of large format black and white images of steam trains and life in Livingston, Montana from a collection of original glass plate negatives rescued by Angela Gill who states “This is truly a unique collection of rare and historic glass plate negatives from the Livingston area that are now digitized and printed.”
The glass plate negatives were set to be destroyed along with a plethora of photographic equipment that Angela took interest in seven years ago and saved after some interesting coincidences. "It’s a mystery as to who the photographer was and who the subjects are, but it’s very apparent that these images are from Livingston," says Angela. "I have to credit my father who is a major train enthusiast for giving me the interest to save these images of steam engines and the yard. I grew up breathing trains and have a darkroom of my own. I still use the old-time process and was naturally elated to find these plates and had to save them. It’s absolutely incredible that they have survived, some of which are over 100 years old."
The images have had minimal restoration and have been printed large scale but with great clarity due to the sizeable negatives. Also on display will be some of the original camera equipment and darkroom supplies rescued from the same location.
The gallery is open from 9am to 9pm weekdays and is closed weekends and college holidays. There will be a lecture and reception on Wednesday October 29th at 5:30pm.


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