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Expanding awareness and fostering understanding of art are goals of Visual Arts at Carroll. We hope to enrich lives through aesthetic and creative experiences. Studio practice exposes students to the long and rich history of human endeavor in visual art and they experience active learning through tactile/visual means not usually associated with most other academic studies. Challenges in aesthetics, technique, design, and craftsmanship present opportunities for growth in new directions and modes. We strive to offer those challenges to all students, those with experience  in art as well as those with little or none.

Investigating the Ancient Artistry of China: Esposito’s Semester Abroad

From Carroll Magazine, Spring 2013

Ralph EspositoChinese artisan contributions to world culture include high-fired porcelains, dramatic glazes and ornate, intricate techniques creating some the finest pottery on earth. For a ceramic artist like Carroll Fine Arts Professor Ralph Esposito, to make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of these art forms and meet the master artists who carry on these clay traditions was one of his wildest dreams. Fortunately for Esposito, some dreams are the wakeful variety: In autumn 2012, he spent 98 days exploring the ceramic artistry of China as part of a semester abroad program through West Virginia University’s School of Art and Design. From mid-September to mid-December 2012, Esposito immersed himself in Chinese culture, language, history and innumerable pottery studios home to master craftsmen. The experience left the acclaimed Carroll ceramic artist with plenty of inspiration for his future art works plus much wisdom to share with his Carroll students. Read more