Carroll College, Helena Montana

Lynn Petersen


Lynn L. Petersen, Ph.D., Professor of Music at Carroll College, Helena, Montana since 1999.  Her primary teaching areas are Keyboard Musicianship I and II, Composition and Jazz Band.  Dr. Petersen is also active as a composer, pianist and organist.

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MUS 109 Keyboard Musicianship I
Introduction to music reading and keyboard playing.  Emphasis on the elements of music through the study of keyboard technique and performance, solo and ensemble repertoire, music theory, harmonization, transposition, and composition.  No previous musical background is required.  Each semester.  3 credits.

MUS 209 Keyboard Musicianship II
Further development of musicianship, with emphasis on keyboard repertoire, harmonization, accompanying, score reading, analysis of diatonic materials, composition, transpositions of instruments, and improvisation.  Topics include further study in meter and rhythm, major and minor scales, intervals, diatonic triads and seventh chords, chord inversion, non-chord tones, melodic variation, phrase structure and form.  Prerequisite:  MUS 109 or consent of instructor.  Spring semester, even-numbered years.  3 credits.

MUS 212 Composition. This course explores elements of music composition, including rhythm, melody, harmony and form.  Focus is on the application of these elements through individual and group composition projects and performances in class.  Prerequisites:  Basic music reading skills; MUS 109 or MUS 119 recommended.  Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

MUS 231-232 Jazz Band
Jazz Band is open to instrumentalists by audition only, and students must register for the course in order to participate.  Repertoire includes diverse styles such as swing, blues, Latin, and standards.  There will also be work with improvisation and jazz theory.  Rehearsals are twice per week, and performances are scheduled on and off campus each semester.  One credit per semester.  Core credit in Fine Arts may be earned for three semesters of participation.  Offered each semester.  May be repeated.

Contact Information

Lynn L. Petersen, Ph.D.
Professor of Music
Department of Fine Arts
Carroll College
1601 N. Benton Ave.
Helena, MT  59625
(406) 447-4303