Carroll College, Helena Montana
Carroll Music


Program Overview

At Carroll College, course offerings in music aim to serve students on two levels: 1) to allow those students who have had prior background in music to continue their development, and 2) to provide an initial experience in music to those students who have not previously had the opportunity or desire to study music.

The focus of the Minor in Music is on acquiring skills and knowledge in a concentrated area of study to complement the student's major and to enhance liberal arts education. For students desiring to study or participate in music without the minor, a variety of courses and opportunities are available, including music appreciation, class voice, group piano, composition, sight singing, two choirs, jazz band, and pep band.

Students who take music classes at Carroll will

  • Broaden their range of interest in and understanding of music.
  • Achieve growth in musical skills and knowledge.
  • Have experiences in music that enhance creativity.
  • Gain exposure to a variety of aesthetics, approaches and concepts in music that will enhance appreciation of music as an art form.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to give students a greater appreciation for music as an art form and a vehicle for self-expression. We provide quality instruction to challenge and enrich all students through music studies.


Music classes are held in Old North 039. The music classroom includes a lecture area and a lab that is equipped with digital pianos, synthesizers, Macintosh computers, and MIDI capabilities.

10 reasons

to choose carroll college for MUSIC

  1. Learn to read music
  2. Develop your singing voice
  3. Learn to play the piano
  4. Sing in a mixed voice choir
  5. Play at Carroll games with the Pep Band
  6. Return to your piano study after quitting in the 4th grade
  7. Compose your own songs
  8. Improvise in a Jazz Band
  9. Perform for the College and the Helena community
  10. Attend concerts


  • Sing in college, church or community choirs
  • Play the piano to accompany other musicians
  • Sing, play, or compose music for personal enrichment or with friends and family
  • Attend concerts with an appreciation and understanding of the art form