Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

MUS: Courses in Music

MUS 109  Keyboard Musicianship I   3 cr
Introduction to music reading and keyboard playing. Emphasis on the elements of music through the study of keyboard technique and performance, solo and ensemble repertoire, music theory, harmonization, and transposition, No previous musical background is required. Each semester.

MUS 119 Sight Singing and Aural Skills  3 cr
An introduction to aural skills with an emphasis on sight singing, rhythmic and melodic identification, analysis and creation of melody, and simple part-singing designed for aural development.  Materials will focus on rhythm and meter, basic conducting patterns, diatonic melodies, and use of solfege.  This course emphasizes the aural component of musicianship and is highly recommended for anyone interested in music performance of all kinds.  No previous musical background is required.  Fall semester.

MUS 125  Voice I  3 cr
Voice I explores the vocal process and prepares the student for performance of vocal solos.  Emphasis is on the individual's voice, posture, breathing, strengthening and expanding the range, acoustics and care of the voice.  Students develop basic music reading and writing skills and are introduced to the International Phonetic Alphabet. Normal classes consist of lecture, vocal warm-ups, group singing and individual solo presentations.  Evaluation is by both written and singing exams.  Open to all students  Each semester.

MUS 129  Carroll College Choir  1 cr
The ensemble performs a diverse repertoire for SATB choir.  Each semester, the choir normally presents one major concert, sings one or two masses at the Cathedral of St Helena, and performs for special events on and off campus.  Each semester. 

MUS 131-132  Pep Band  1 cr
Pep band is open to interested instrumentalists.  Rehearsals are once a week for 2 hours and performances include home sporting events and other activities.  Repertoire includes mainly contemporary rock and pop material.  One credit may be earned for each semester of participation.  Grading is pass/fail.  Each semester.  Does not satisfy CORE Fine Arts requirement.

MUS 165 American Popular Music  3 cr
An examination of the development and use of all types of music in the United States, covering folk traditions, church music, popular and commercial music, the musical stage, and the fine-art tradition. Special emphasis on current phenomena of commercial and media music along with structural and cultural elements of the various musical styles. Primary interest is the study of music in relation to its historical and social context.  Includes guided listening to recordings and video clips. No previous musical background is required. Spring semester.

MUS 199 Music Practicum  1-2 cr
Students can earn credit for participating as musicians in local musical productions, concerts or performing arts organizations (such as the Helena Symphony) under the guidance of qualified music directors.  Participation in Carroll College music ensembles is not eligible for Music Practicum credit; see separate listings for those courses.  A minimum of thirty (30) hours of participation is required for each hour of credit.  Evaluation is conducted by music faculty in consultation with the music director.  Pass/fail grading only.  Prerequisite:  Interview and/or audition with music faculty.  Each semester.  Does not satisfy CORE Fine Arts requirements.  

MUS 209  Keyboard Musicianship II  3 cr
Further development of musicianship, with emphasis on keyboard repertoire, harmonization, accompanying, score reading, analysis of diatonic materials, transpositions of instruments, and improvisation. Topics include further study in meter and rhythm, major and minor scales, intervals, diatonic triads and seventh chords, chord inversion, non-chord tones, melodic variation, phrase structure and form. Pre-requisite: MUS 109 or consent of instructor. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

MUS 212 Composition. This course explores elements of music composition, including rhythm, melody, harmony and form.  Focus is on the application of these elements through individual and group composition projects and performances in class.  Prerequisites:  Basic music reading skills; MUS 109 or MUS 119 recommended. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

MUS 229  Chamber Choir  1 cr
Chamber Choir is the premier mixed-voice vocal ensemble on campus.  Admission to the group is by competitive audition, and membership is limited to sixteen singers.  The Chamber Choir is committed to the highest musical and artistic standards in presenting a wide variety of music. Each semester, the choir normally presents one major concert, sings one or two masses at the Cathedral of St. Helena, and performs for special events on and off campus.  The Chamber Choir also represents Carroll College by presenting local and regional touring programs.  Prerequisite:  Audition with instructor.  Each semester.  

MUS 231-232 Jazz Band  1 cr
Jazz Band is open to instrumentalists by audition only, and students must register for the course in order to participate.  Repertoire includes diverse styles such as swing, blues, Latin, and standards.  There will also be work with improvisation and jazz theory.  Rehearsals are twice per week, and performances are scheduled on and off campus each semester.  One credit per semester.  Core credit in Fine Arts may be earned for three semesters of participation.  Offered each semester.  May be repeated.

MUS 261 Music Appreciation  3 cr
An introduction to the fine-art music tradition of Western civilization. Intended to acquaint the listener and non-musician with the basic repertoire of concert music. Emphasis on guided listening; concert attendance required. No background in music is required. Fall semester.

MUS 399 Music Projects  1-3 cr
An opportunity for qualified music students to participate in musical productions or performing arts organizations, in roles with a significant amount of responsibility and leadership.  Projects may include activities related to music such as performance, directing, research, or internship.  Prerequisite:  At least twelve (12) credits of college-level music courses and consent of the music faculty following extensive interviews.  Offered each semester by prior arrangement.  Does not satisfy Fine Arts CORE Fine Arts requirements.

MUS 475  Applied Music  1-3 cr
Private study on an instrument or in voice with a local private teacher approved by the music faculty.   Students must have prior music study on the instrument/voice.  Students are personally responsible for financial arrangements with the private teacher.  Evaluation is conducted by music faculty in consultation with the private teacher at the end of each semester.  Pass/fail grading only.  May be repeated each semester.  Does not satisfy CORE Fine Arts requirements.