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Dance at Carroll College

Statement of Purpose

There are multiple benefits that dance offers everybody that participates. Dance classes at Carroll offer students positive body-awareness and conditioning, as well as an introductory awareness of Dance as an art form. To learn more about Dance at Carroll College, contact Sallyann Mulcahy.

Courses in Dance

Dance 128 – This is an entry-level course, offered each semester and provides an introductory level of movement and a basic understanding of dance.

Dance 129 - This course introduces students to Classical Ballet, which is the base techniques of most forms of performance dance. In addition to the physical practice of ballet technique, students will learn the history of ballet and how it exists today and has contributed to other performing art forms.

Dance 228 - Partner Dancing Through the Ages – This course is offered in the spring. The purpose of this course is to bring a broader dance experience to the student body.

Dance 328 - Choreography - This is an upper division course and is offered each fall. Students experience the challenge of coordinating bodies in movement through space motivated by music.

Professional Faculty

Sallyann Mulcahy
Carroll College enjoys the prescence of a professional dance company on its campus. Sallyann Mulcahy has an extensive professional career profile in dance performance, choreography and teaching.

She is the founder of the Ballet Montana. Ms. Mulcahy and Ballet Montana have accepted the position of Artist-In-Residence at Carroll College.

Many of her professional dancers take courses at Carroll College.

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