Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

Arts Management and Administration Courses

One course from any three of the four Fine Arts disciplines is required. The following courses are suggestions: (9 credits)

DNC 128 Dance I: Elements of Dance - 3 Cr
This introductory course is designed to provide a foundation for performing dance. Physical training, the study of rhythm, and the incorporation of dance technique into rhythm and movement will be covered. Students will also study the origins of dance and its significance to world cultures. Offered each semester.

ART 105 - Introduction to Art I - 3 Cr
This course will provide an introductory overview of the field of visual arts. Areas of study will include art philosophy, the language of aesthetics, an historical overview, cultural influences, types of art, various media and art production processes. This course is intended to provide a fundamental approach to art processes. As an introductory class, students will be evaluated based on effort and participation, not skill level.

MUS 109 Musicianship I - 3 Cr
Introduction to music reading and keyboard playing. Emphasis on
the elements of music through the study of keyboard technique and
performance, solo and ensemble repertoire, music theory, harmonization,
transposition, and composition. No previous musical background
is required. Each semester.

THT 118 Theatre Appreciation - 3 Cr
A course that aims to develop discerning audience skills through study of theatre in its different forms such as educational, community, and professional, as well as related performing media such as dance, vaudeville,  comedy, and live popular musical performance. Emphasis is
placed on learning the aesthetic basics of acting, design, interpretation, and performing arts theory. This course also requires attendance from a menu of performance opportunities in Helena. Fall semester.

Plus the following courses in Arts Management: (6 credits):

  • THT 150 Introduction to Arts Management
  • ART 490 Art Internship or DNC 490 Dance Internship or MUS 490 Music Internship or THT 490 Theatre Internship

The following courses are required in Business Administration & Communications (9 credits):

  • BA 306 Marketing (3 credits) or BA 375 Fundamentals of Management (3 credits)
  • CO 215-216 Introduction to Public Relations: Theory & Practice (6 credits)

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