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Arts Management and Administration

Arts Management

Question:  How do I combine my love of the Arts with my desire for a career in Business or Communications?

Answer:  Minor in Arts Management and Administration!


This minor can be your start to some wonderful career choices. How do these jobs sound?

  • Executive Director
  • Mangaging Director
  • Director of Marketing and Outreach
  • Development and Communications Director
  • Director of Performing Arts
  • Finance Director
  • House/Event Manger
  • Opera & Ballet Executive Administrator

Minor Program Requirements

Twenty-four semester credits consisting of the following:

One course from any three of the four Fine Arts disciplines is required. The following courses are suggestions: (9 credits)

  • ART - ART 110 Art Appreciation
  • MUS - MUS 109 Keyboard Musicianship I, MUS 125 Voice I
  • THT - THT 118 Theatre Appreciation, THT 111 Introduction to Acting, THT 121 Stagecraft I

Plus the following course in Arts Management: (3 credits):  

  • ART 425 Fine Arts Internship   

The following courses are required in Business Administration & Communications (12 credits):  

  • BA 228 Introduction to NonProfit Organizations  (3 credits)
  • BA 306 Marketing (3 credits) or BA 375 Fundamentals of Management (3 credits)
  • CO215-216 Introduction to Public Relations:  Theory & Practice (6 credits)

10 reasons

to choose carroll college for ARTS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION

  1. It's fun and interesting! Classes in the Arts, Business and Communication.
  2. Small classes with friendly students and faculty
  3. Respected professions that make a difference in the quality of lives.
  4. Get to work with talented and fascinating people.
  5. Art, the language of love combined with Business, the Universal language.
  6. Qualified and experienced faculty in many disciplines.
  7. Few undergraduate programs prepare arts students for the many different jobs available in small non-profit arts organizations especially for jobs in non-urban settings. Carroll is ideal for this preparation.
  8. Helena and Carroll have the resources and opportunities to give students good practical experience with work in arts organizations connected with the visual and performing arts and with arts education.
  9. Carroll offers classes in a good spectrum of the arts: theater, visual arts and music.
  10. Carroll also has classes in Business and Communication that parallel offerings in other college’s programs for arts management.