Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

AN: Courses In Anthropology

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

AN/SO 204 Cultural Anthropology 3 Cr
This course will introduce students to culture as a framework for under- standing similarities and differences in behavior and values in human soci- eties. The class will look at communities and cultures from around the globe to give a cross-cultural understanding of human behavior. Fall semester. Fulfills Global Diversity requirement.

AN/SO 208 The Family 3 Cr
An anthropological and sociological investigation of the marriage and family institutions in various cultures and their influences upon both individuals and social organizations. Analysis of family communications; one’s choices in relationships; parenting; life transitions; and the roles of gender, property, power, and love in marriage and family. Prerequisite: SO 101 or consent of instructor. Fall semester, odd-numbered years. Fulfills National Diversity requirement.

AN/SO 218 Introduction to Native American Studies 3 Cr
This course covers a broad range of prehistoric, historic, and cultural is- sues pertaining to American Indians. The course will cover diversity among tribes including political organization, social organization, economics, subsistence, and current issues. Offered each semester. Fulfills National Diversity requirement.

AN/SO 245 Physical Anthropology 3 Cr
Physical anthropology is the study of the biocultural diversity in humans. The interaction between culture and biology produces a variety of human adaptations that are traced through the following venues: Primate fossil records, primate and human behavior, and human biological variation. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

AN/SO 317 Ethnic and Racial Relations 3 Cr
An anthropological and sociological examination of ethnic and racial re- lations and identifies within and between different socio-cultural groups. This includes an analysis of beliefs about ethnicity and race focusing on their development through historical processes. Prerequisite: SO 101.. Fall semester, odd-numbered years. Fulfills National Diversity requirement.

AN/SO 318 North American Archaeology 3 Cr

This class will explore major methods and theories archeologists use to explore North American prehistory from their origins to the present. Regional diversity in tribal adaptations and lifeways are explored by using examples from archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthro- pology. Spring semester, even-numbered years. Fulfills Global Diversity requirement.

AN 341 Archaeological Field School 4 Cr
The Carroll College Archaeological Field School will introduce students to basic archaeological field methods and research design. The 2-week class is designed to train students in the fundamentals of archaeological exca- vation and survey techniques. Students should be prepared for full days of digging and/or hiking, sometimes in remote areas. Meets Core Natural Science or Social Science requirement (not both). Offered each summer.