Course Descriptions

AN: Courses In Anthropology

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

AN/SO 204 Cultural Anthropology 3 Cr
An analysis of the nature of culture and society and a survey of the range of cultural phenomena with emphasis placed on social structures and the dynamic interrelationship existing between the various social institutions offered even years. Fall semester. Fulfills global diversity requirement.

AN/SO 208 The Family 3 Cr
An anthropological and sociological investigation of the marriage and family institutions in various cultures and their influences upon both individuals and social organizations. Analysis of family communications; one’s choices in relationships; parenting; life transitions; and the roles of gender, property, power, and love in marriage and family. Prerequisite: SO 101 or consent of instructor. Odd year, Fall semester. Fulfills National Diversity requirement.

AN/SO 218 Introduction to Native American Studies 3 Cr
An overview of American Indian histories, cultures, religions, and philosophies. The course examines the continuity between traditional and contemporary ways of life, Native American education, and American Indians in Montana. Every semester. Fulfills national diversity requirements.

AN/SO 317 Ethnic and Racial Relations 3 Cr
An anthropological and sociological examination of ethnic and racial relations within and between different socio-cultural groups, including an analysis of ethnic differences and the various patterns of individual, social, social psychological, and cultural relationships. Prerequisite: SO 101. Offered even year Spring. Fulfills National Diversity requirement.

AN/SO 318 American Indians 3 Cr
An in-depth examination of selected Native American groups, cultural areas, and contemporary issues, such as Tribal Law, Federal and State legal issues including water, hunting and fishing rights, or Native American spirituality. Prerequisite AN/SO 204 or AN/SO 218. Odd year, Spring semester. Fulfills global diversity requirement.