Carroll College, Helena Montana

Project Management Courses

Project Management Courses

The Project Management Certificate is designed, similar to a minor, to allow students from any background to add it to their degree and skill set.  However, as this program leads to a certificate in Project Management rather than a degree, students do not need a major to accompany it, making this a versatile option for Carroll students as well as community members looking to expand their skills and knowledge base. 

The Project Management certificate is comprised of the following courses. 

  • PMGT 210 Project Planning, Scheduling and Estimating
  • PMGT 220 Project Risk Management, Monitoring, and Controlling
  • PMGT 310 Project Leadership:  Leading Change and the Essential Elements of Success
  • EC 203 Project Management Economics

Contact the instructor or one of the contact people if you have questions.  A grade of a "C" or better must be achieved in all Project Management courses to earn the certificate.