Carroll College, Helena Montana


Accounting Major Internships

Approximately 90% of recent accounting seniors have completed accounting internships or been employed in career related positions. Here are some employers that offer Carroll students internship and what they had to say about Carroll College:

The Legislative Audit Division has operated an internship program for at least two decades, often hiring Carroll College students. Over the years, we've hired many of those interns for full-time audit positions. Three individuals who participated in our internship program are currently on staff. Carroll College students are well prepared for the work environment and have a strong work ethic. Their liberal arts background provides for creative thinking, as well as strong leadership and interpersonal skills, which are qualities we look for in potential full-time employees. We've always enjoyed working with Carroll College students and look forward to future opportunities to do so.

Cindy Jorgenson 
Audit Manager 
Legislative Audit Division

We have found Carroll's intern program to be a very valuable tool for our Helena office in discovering talented staff. We've had Accounting and other business majors take advantage of our program. Each of our five Montana offices has an intern program in place. The Carroll Accounting students have performed very well and are on par with students from other Montana schools. We have found the program to be beneficial for both our firm and the students. In our intern program, the students are given real work assignments right away. They are included in our training programs and work side by side with our shareholders and staff. We look forward to including more Carroll students in our intern program.

Kevin Kelley
CPA, Shareholder 
Anderson ZurMuehlen 


The JCCS Helena office has employed Carroll College accounting students for the past several years. These students have been an invaluable asset to the firm and we have hired several of these interns to full time positions in the Helena office and other offices of JCCS. We have used the interns to process tax returns, prepare tax returns, assist on audit engagements and perform bookkeeping and accounting work. We have found the quality of the Carroll College interns to be excellent both in the technical skills and in their interpersonal skills.

Brian Wickens
Junkermier, Clark, Campanella, Stevens P.C.