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Carroll Global Center

Welcome to the Carroll College virtual Global Center!

This site is designed to provide information to faculty, staff and students in their quest to study, research, volunteer, intern or lead a group of students abroad.  Here you will find information on how to study abroad, how to lead a group on a faculty led program, what to do in an emergency while abroad, insurance, policies and procedures regarding international travel and much more!

Did you know...

Faculty & staff

...if you go abroad in a Carroll capacity you are covered by excellent insurance?


...if you want more information on how to study abroad this is a great place to start looking? 

...if you are an international student yearning to study at Carroll there is a plethora of information on this site?


...if you are going abroad there are three important details to do before you go:

  1. Register your Carroll related travel on the Carroll College Registry.
  2. Update and copy the wallet sized emergency card to take with you overseas.
  3. Register your travel with the State Department. Hint: try copy and pasting your Carroll Registry information to save time.