Carroll College, Helena Montana

Financial Aid


You can make study abroad a reality with careful planning. 











First step for Faculty Led programs: meet with Keith Carparelli, Financial Aid Office, to determine eligibility.   If funds are available to you then visit with the Education Abroad Office (St. Charles 105) to complete the financial aid paperwork.  

First Step for all other programs:  See the Education Abroad Office to complete the initial financial aid paperwork.

Exchange programs are based on the cost of tuition and fees (exception: wellness fee), so you can use your federal aid and your Carroll merit aid. 

Our short term programs,  affiliate programs are not based on the cost of Carroll tuition; therefore, only federal aid can be used if it is still available to you.  Institutional gift aid, including merit scholarships, is not available for any of these programs.
Summer aid is rarely available because most students have used their aid for the year before summer programs begin; however, please check with the financial aid office as each case is different. 

Non-academic programs aid is not available. For example, aid cannot be used for intern, volunteer or teach abroad programs.

Tuition Remission/Exchange  is not available to Carroll students at any time.  Exception:  faculty-led programs run during the academic year (not summer)  that allow the credits to be embedded in the semester tuition.

Non-approved programs:  Use of federal financial aid is not available for use on non approved programs. Approved programs are our current exchange partners and affiliate programs.