Carroll College, Helena Montana


The Carroll Experience

Carroll College invites you to experience the fullness of the multi-faceted world through an enriching liberal arts education. Our students are on a dynamic path discovering vocation and enlightenment. Your Carroll education will prepare you for a professional future and form within you the desire for life-long learning and growth.

Our Community

Breadth of MajorsYou will be immersed in a community that learns together, celebrates together, and serves others together. The community at Carroll supports students to excel in any of our 60 majors, minors, and pre-professional programs.

It is impossible to escape the opportunity to grow intellectually, imaginatively, and socially at Carroll.  You will examine the challenges of modern society and ask life’s fundamental questions in a Catholic college setting. Whether you find yourself in a lecture, in one of Carroll's cutting edge laboratories, or drawing upon Montana's diverse ecosystem and natural beauty as an extended classroom, you will find yourself connecting ideas in active and new ways.

In the Classroom

FacultyOur professors believe that every individual is an important aspect of the learning process. You will be invited—and encouraged—to engage in our small classes. The ecumenical culture of Carroll creates a common ground in the classroom where you are held in esteem—by students and professors—while you uncover knowledge and gain an understanding of yourself.

As a result, Carroll students are driven to be involved. You will have the option to take advantage of a diverse range of local opportunities, such as working as an intern at the State Capitol, conducting research on the West Nile virus in Montana’s various ecosystems, even organizing an annual literary festival that attracts authors from the Northwest and beyond.

In the World

The Freshman YearStudents also participate in service learning at local non-profits such as God’s Love Homeless Shelter, and they travel to underserved populations in the United States, Haiti, Mexico and Guatemala on immersion trips. These experiences are an opportunity for you to connect course and social justice concepts with the local and global community.

Margaret, a biology student, traveled to Haiti with 10 other students to aide Dr. Bartoletti in providing dental care to impoverished villages. Jared worked at the local food bank, Helena Food Share, interviewing clients and walking them through the program. Both students put their classroom knowledge into practice and learned, first-hand, the value of compassion and service. 

Not for School but for Life
The Freshman Year

Carroll's motto is Non Scholae sed Vitae - Not for School but for Life. Carroll alumni will tell you this means that through your Carroll education, you will develop as a person and be prepared to meet the ever-changing challenges in your professions and the world. As a Carroll graduate, you will enter society with a deep sense of commitment to the human family and a passion to live a full, well-rounded life.