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The Honors Scholars Program welcomes you

Alumni SurveyMany thanks for your directed interest in Carroll College.  I would like to invite you, and indeed challenge you, to make the next brilliant decision: joining Carroll's Honors Scholars Program.

Our program is challenging, but I assure you the time invested is worth it.  Participation in the Honors Scholars Program enhances your intellectual skills in whatever academic discipline you select, aids your personal aesthetic development within arts and letters, and fosters your growth toward increased social commitment to your community, your region, and the globe.

The sum of your Honors curriculum at Carroll provides a broad intellectual foundation, fostering an appreciation for a lifetime of learning.  Together, through the exploration of grand ideas that run through a "great books" reading collection, we continue the tradition of discourse, searching for truth via a joint process in which students and faculty learn from and with each other.

If you are as excited as I am by the path of interactive learning in a challenging atmosphere, partnering with eclectic mentors, I urge you to apply to the Honors Scholars Program. To apply to the Honors Scholars Program, click here.


Dr. William Parsons
Director, Honors Scholars Program
Simperman Hall 237


Additional Contact Information

Jo Ann Maffit, Administrative Assistant HSP
Borromeo Hall 113
HSP email:

Why Be an Honors Scholar at Carroll College?

"The Honor Scholars Program is truly ‘non scholae sed vitae.' The program provided an overarching understanding of the development of Western thought, certainly, but it also taught many fundamental life skills: how to think critically and creatively; how to communicate clearly; and how to relate to the world with open mind and open heart. My closest friends from college were - and still are - my fellow Honor Scholars." - Melissa Amos (Honors Scholars Class of 2002)

"The Honors Scholars Program has greatly contributed to diversifying my education away from just my focus, the sciences. I now see, from this program, that one must become well-versed in traditional literature in order to be taught some of life's greatest lessons." - Olivia Rolando (Honors Scholars Class of 2012)

"HSP was one of my most valuable experiences in college. Though the topics typically didn't directly relate to my career/field of study (elementary education), I've found that in the last 6 years since graduating, in my daily life I've referred to topics discussed in HSP more than in any other class/program. It also helped me to think deeply and critically, which has helped me in daily life as well as in graduate school." - Honors Scholars Alumnus (Class of 2005)

"I just returned from Spain where I spent five weeks walking the Camino de Santiago.  I wanted to let you how much of an impact the Honors Scholars Program made on me during this trip.  What I learned in the seminars came alive for me as I traveled the ancient pilgrim path.  The Honors Scholars Program is truly a gift." - Katie Garrison (Honors Scholars Class of 2011)


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