Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Welcome to the Faculty Development Website

Download the brochureHere, you'll find all kinds of information about and for our faculty members, including:

  • due dates for funding and support from the Faculty Development Committee
  • updates about our mentorship program
  • instructions for applying for sabbaticals and course releases
  • upcoming faculty development forums
  • upcoming meetings for the "Teaching Circle"
  • upcoming presenters and topics for our "Faculty Colloquium" 
  • a digital copy of our latest Faculty Accomplishments brochure
  • other resources concerning internal and external faculty development opportunities

We want to hear from you.  Do you have suggestions or information for our website?  Contact the Faculty Development Committee at or

Faculty Development Requests ONLINE!

No more forms, copies, and signatures! Simply respond to this survey and your request for faculty development support will be received. Guidelines for your submission can be found here. You can also download the Travel Expense Report as well (must login to MyCarroll).


Your Feedback Counts!

The FDC plans to follow up the conversation at the faculty retreat with events throughout the year.  Let us know if you would like to participate or if you have ideas about how to continue this important dialogue.

Faculty Mentorship Program

The FDC sponsors Carroll's Faculty Mentorship Program for new faculty!  Check out our discussion boards here

Interested in becoming a mentor?  Contact the FDC!

Annual Deadlines

  • Travel and Research Awards
    • Fall: 2nd Friday of September
    • Spring: 2nd Friday of January
    • Summer: 2nd Friday of April
  • Course Release: December 1
  • Berberet Summer Grants: February 1
  • Teacher and Scholar of the Year: April 1     
  • Faculty Accomplishments Brochure Submission via survey: February 28
  • Sabbatical Proposals: October 1 of the preceeding year

Awards and Grants

Congratulations to the following faculty members, each of whom won the following awards and grants:

Teacher of the Year: Bob Swartout, History

Scholar of the Year: Brian Matz, Theology

Jerry Berberet Summer Research and Writing Grants:

  • Jennifer Lowell, Health Sciences
  • Kathy McGuire, Nursing
  • Bill Parsons, Political Science

Competitive Course Releases: 

  • Jeremy Johnson, Political Science
  • David McCanna, Sociology
  • Elvira Roncalli, Philosophy

Faculty Events

Teaching Circle

Please join in on the conversations about teaching at the teaching circle held several times each semester in the Maronick Boardroom in the Campus Center unless otherwise noted.

For more information and specific dates and times, please contact Virginia Cooper at vcooper@carroll.edu.

Sister Annette Moran Faculty Colloquium

Below are the presentations for the 2013-2014 academic year.  All colloquia will be held at 4pm in the Maronick Board Room. 

September 27th: Russ Cargo presents on "Charity in America: How Philanthropy, Law, and the Middle Class Formed and Funded America's Nonprofit Sector"

October 25th: Brandon Sheafor presents on "The Natural History, Physiology, and Conservation of North American Pikas (Ochotona pinceps)"

January 31st: John Reis presents on "Creation after Darwin: From Design toward an Eschatological Understanding of Creation"

April 11th (Note: this is a date change from March 28th): Tim Melvin presents on The Limit of Humanly Knowable Mathematical Truth, Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems, and Artificial Intelligence."

Interested in presenting? Contact Charlotte Jones (cjones@carroll.edu) or Leslie Angel (langel@carroll.edu).

Faculty Development Forums

November 13th: Faculty Development forum: From the Stage to the Lab: Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity across the Curriculum.  This forum will be from 4-5 pm in the Trinity Lounge.

Check back here for an update on the 2013-2014 forums. If you have a topic or an idea that you'd like to submit for the forums, please contact the Faculty Development Committee.

Mountain MoodleMoot

Join us in the heart of the Rocky Mountains on the campus of Carroll College as we gather to talk about, learn, discuss and enhance our use of Moodle. Unlock the secrets of Moodle! For more information, see the Mountian MoodleMoot website.

Travel Expense Report

Faculty, download the Carroll travel, entertainment and miscellaneous expense report form from MyCarroll. (You must login using your Carroll ID and password.)

External opportunities for faculty development

Get more information on external professional development opportunities.