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Carroll College Faculty Accomplishments 2014–2015

Download the brochureAs we near the close of another academic year, it is an honor and a joy for me to be invited to write the introduction in the 2015 Faculty Accomplishments booklet. The opportunity to work closely with a faculty of this caliber and to showcase their accomplishments is not to be taken lightly. I am impressed and very humbled as I read through all of the activities and scholarship in which our incredibly busy and dedicated faculty engages while teaching a full course load. I am also grateful to the members of the Faculty Development Committee who provide on-going faculty support, including the development and publication of this brochure.

This beautiful publication introduces us to the new members of our community and chronicles the many contributions and talents our faculty share with the community. But more importantly, we are given a glimpse into the transformational power of lifelong learning. The image that comes to mind when I reflect upon this work is a majestic iceberg. Above the water, we see a breathtaking, sparkling mountain of ice. To me, the tip of the iceberg symbolizes this compilation of a year’s work. We are awed by the more than 40 publications which include scholarly research, curricula, articles, music and poetry; impressed by the countless hours of mentoring, researching and presenting; thrilled with the numerous accolades and grant awards; and, inspired by the generous service to our students, the community and our global family.

However, this is only a snapshot in time of something more profound. For when you look below the surface of the water, you see something massive, even incomprehensible. This part of the iceberg represents the very essence of what makes all of these wonderful accomplishments possible. And, it provides the bedrock for Carroll’s value and mission. It is forged and fashioned with the love of learning, hard work, dedication to scholarship, the wonder of discovery, disappointing failures, glorious victories, service to others and generosity of self. This foundation is a collective labor of love born out of an unwavering belief in the power of education. This is why I celebrate the many accomplishments of the faculty of Carroll College. They pursue their vocation with authenticity and passion. It is an honor to be a colleague and I look forward to the thrill of celebrating future accomplishments.


Faculty Spotlights


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, Assistant Professor, 2013

Dr. John RowleyProf. John G. Rowley obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University and completed a post doctorate research position at the University of Wyoming. He is the author of 10 peer-reviewed articles. Most recently, his publication on the “Combinatorial Discovery Through a Distributed Outreach Program: Investigation of the Photoelectrolysis Activity of p-Type Fe, Cr, Al Oxides” was selected as Editors’ Choice by the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Applied Materials & Interfaces to be an open-access article, available free of charge to anyone in the world. This article is evidence of the efficacy of undergraduate research and distributed (crowdsourcing) research programs. The article reported the discovery of a new semiconductor material by undergraduate researchers. The new material absorbs sunlight and splits water into hydrogen fuel.

"I am passionate about the transformative information obtained through the scientific method. In my research, undergraduate students investigate, develop, and advance our understanding of the fundamental chemical mechanisms behind the harvesting of renewable solar energy. We are working to discover new materials for harvesting solar energy and we are developing new chemical mechanisms to store solar energy in chemical bonds.

"Our primary mission at Carroll College is to provide the highest quality education for our undergraduate students. I believe that the best education in science is achieved by allowing students to create new knowledge and 4 Faculty Spotlights participate in an authentic act of discovery. Our department has recently restructured our courses to integrate research into the undergraduate teaching curriculum. This has allowed me to seamlessly mix my interests in teaching existing knowledge and creating new knowledge.

"The thing that impresses me most about Carroll is that the college is filled with students and faculty who are intelligent, passionate, and motivated. Every day, I am energized by the curiosity of the young scientists with whom I work. I am proud to be part of the Carroll community. Returning to Montana was a dream come true for me and my family. We feel extremely fortunate to be able to work, live, and play in the heart of the Rocky Mountains."


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, Assistant Professor, 2013

Dr. Sumitree GuptaDr. Soumitree Gupta obtained her Ph.D. in English from Syracuse University in 2013. She also has a C.A.S. (Certificate of Advanced Study) in Women’s and Gender Studies from Syracuse University. At Syracuse, she taught her own courses in the English Department, Women’s and Gender Studies Department, and the Writing Program. Her teaching and research interests are interdisciplinary, and span the fields of postcolonial studies, gender studies, transnational studies, comparative race and ethnic studies, trauma and memory studies, and media studies. In particular, her research focuses on representations of the mobile woman, home and nation in contemporary South Asian fiction, memoir, and film. She traces the genealogy of her intellectual interests to her maternal grandmother’s lived memories of displacement on the eve of the 1947 Partition in South Asia. Beyond teaching and research, she is interested in community-based activism. Before joining Carroll, she served as an outreach coordinator for The 1947 Partition Archive, a global non-profit organization based in Berkeley (California), and was humbled to have organized a panel entitled "Voices of Partition" in the Bay area.

"The most rewarding aspect of my experience at Carroll has been the teaching. As an anti-racist feminist committed to social justice, I see the classroom as a space of decolonial knowledge-production. I seek to foster a collective learning environment where my students are able to make critical connections among power, ideology, representation and students’ own embodied social identities along the intersecting axes of gender, race, class, nation, (dis)ability, and so on. At Carroll, I have been fortunate to work with students who are open-minded, self-reflective, engaged, and prepared to be challenged intellectually and ideologically. My two most favorite classes during my first semester at Carroll were ‘Literature, Media, and Identity’ and ‘World Literature.’ I enjoyed teaching these classes because of my students who pushed themselves hard to understand the politics of representation, knowledge-production and their connection to social justice as we collectively engaged in literary, media, and cultural analysis.

"In addition to teaching, being part of a wonderful, supportive, and collegial campus community has solidified my choice to come to Carroll. I’m especially excited to have found connections with faculty members who are deeply committed to social justice in their own teaching, research, and service. Last semester, I was fortunate to participate in a panel discussion on ISIL/ISIS that was open to Carroll students and the larger Helena community. I teach orientalism and mainstream media representations of the ‘Middle East’ in my classes, but the panel discussion provided me an opportunity to engage in these conversations outside of my classroom."

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