Carroll College, Helena Montana

Core Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum–Bachelor of Arts Degree

I. Foundations:

13 credits to be completed within the first 45 semester hours at Carroll College.

Class Credit Hours
LAS 101 Alpha Seminar
(required of all first-year students in the fall semester)
3 credits
TH 101 Theological Foundations 3 credits
ENWR 102 College Composition II 3 credits
CO 101 Basic Communication 3 credits

Note: Foundations classes may not be used to meet other CORE requirements.

II. Areas of Knowledge:

30-31 credits

Discipline Credit Hours
Fine Arts 3 credits
History 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Literature 3 credits
Natural Sciences (lab course is required) 3-4 credits
Philosophy 6 credits
Social Science 6 credits
(TH101 may not be used to fulfill this requirement)
3 credits

III. Writing-Intensive Requirement (WI):

2 courses, the two WI courses must be selected from two different disciplines with one in the major.

IV.Diversity Requirement:

2 courses/experiences (one from A and one from B)

  • Global Diversity
    1. i. approved study abroad
    2. ii. class (GD) that meets criteria
  • National Diversity
    1. class (ND) that meets criteria
    2. approved experiential learning opportunity

Note: Members of the Honor Scholars Program (HSP) have unique course requirements and fulfill fifteen (15) of their forty-nine (49) Carroll College Core Curriculum (CORE) credits by participating in HSP seminars.

Bachelor of Arts Degree

To earn the Bachelor of Arts degree from Carroll College, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Completion of the Carroll College Core Curriculum (CORE) for the Bachelor of Arts degree;
  2. Completion of all program requirements in the major and minor
    (if one is taken);
  3. Completion of one hundred and twenty-two (122) semester credits, only two (2) of which may be physical education activity courses (HPE 101-102); and
  4. Achievement of a cumulative 2.0 grade point average in
    - a. All courses taken,
    - b. The requirements in the major, taken as a unit,
    - c. The requirements in the minor, taken as a unit, and
    - d. The CORE, taken as a unit.