Carroll College, Helena Montana

Reporting an Emergency

Emergency Situation Action

• Person Armed with Weapon
• Fire in Building
• Bomb Threat
• Natural Disasters (e.g., earthquake)
• Robbery or Break-in in progress
• Unconscious Person (stay with person)
• Death of a Person
• Rape, Sexual Assault or Physical Assault
(stay with person)

Contact before placing other calls.

1. Call 911 for Emergency Services
    (9-911 on-campus)
2. Call 447-4911 (ext. 4911) to notify college officials
3. Call Securitas 447-5100 (ext. 5100)

Do not put yourself in danger.
Wait in a safe place for the police to arrive.


Alert Situation Action

• Potentially Violent Situation
• Death Threat or Other Threat of Harm
• Suicide Attempt or Gesture
• Drug Overdose or Reaction
• Disorderly (e.g., defiant, disruptive, uncontrollable person)
• Suicidal Talk, Emotional or Mental Health Incident
• Visibly Impaired Person (e.g., slurred speech, staggering)

Use judgment in making decisions
appropriate for the specific incident.

1. Call On-Call Assistant Director
    of Community Living 459-0540
2. Call Securitas at 447-5100 (ext. 5100)
3. Call 911 for Emergency Services 
    (9-911 on-campus) if needed.

Stay with the person until assistance arrives.

The On-Call Assistant Director will call the
police when necessary

Carroll College Campus Security

Need to contact our Campus Security?Security at Carroll College is contracted through Securitas, a private security company which also serves the State Capitol, Federal Reserve Bank and St. Peter's Hospital in Helena. Security officers patrol the campus from 7pm-7am. Parking patrol is maintained from 7am-3pm. Call 406.460.7611 to contact a Securitas Patrol Office.