Carroll College, Helena Montana

CC Alert FAQ

What is Carroll College's campus-wide emergency notification system?
The College has contracted with Regroup  for a emergency mass notification system. Regroup improves the College's ability to effectively communicate with the campus using e-mail, voice and text messaging. Regroup can push out thousands of messages within minutes to help ensure the safety of everyone at Carroll College during an emergency.

What is an emergency?
An emergency is a situation which poses an immediate risk to the health and safety of the campus community or significantly disrupts its programs and activities. We may send out several different levels of alerts --

  • Informational -- information that is useful for everyone on campus to know.
  • Incident - non-routine announcements and matters such as a lockdown or any incident that may cause concern.
  • Emergency - severe incidents which could include evacuation; lengthy lockdown; severe injury or death on campus; and incidents involving law enforcement and fire rescue.

How do I submit my contact information for the campus-wide emergency notification system?
Each semester, the college will send contact information that is has on record to Regroup. This will include email addresses and cell phone numbers.  Individuals are then able to log-in to the Regroup site and modify this information for accuracy.  Individuals will be notified what information is on record at the college and will have the opportunity to change it for accuracy via the college itself if that is preferable.

Who will get notified with the campus-wide emergency notification system?

The emergency notification service will be used to notify students, faculty, and staff.  At minimum, you will receive an email.  You can choose to have voice or text alerts or both.  Multiple contact numbers can be submitted.  

The phone directory lists a common phone number for multiple people in our office. Will we receive multiple phone calls at that number?
No. The system recognizes repeated phone numbers and ensures that it calls each unique phone number only once.

Will Carroll continue to post notices on the Student web page and on email in addition to the new Emergency Notification system?
Yes.  Web page notices and emails will be sent in addition to messages on the Emergency Notification system.

What happens if a phone message is not answered the first time?
In cases of a Campus Emergency, the system will attempt to make contact at least three times.

Will messages to phones be a recorded voice mail message or a text message?
The Emergency Notification system will send a recorded voice mail message.  If you indicate that the number can accept a text message, a text message will be sent.

Will messages be sent outside of business hours?
Carroll can send messages outside of business hours.

I did not receive a phone call, email or text message, even though others did, and I submitted my information. What should I do?

  • Please verify that the Registrar's Office has your most up-to-date contact information, including your cell phone number.

How do I change my contact information in the campus-wide emergency notification system?
You can change your contact information in the campus-wide emergency notification system by following the instructions below:

  • Throughout the semester you may contact the Registrar's Office to provide updates. These updates will be copied to the Regroup database.
  • You can also log in directly to the Regroup website and make modifications to the information that was uploaded to Regroup.  Go to  Sign on using your Carroll College username and password. Click on Preferences (upper right-hand corner of page.)  Click on the Email|Phone tab to edit your email and Telephone preferences.

Who is authorized to send messages out using the campus-wide emergency notification system?
Messages will be coordinated and distributed by the Director of Community Living, the Marketing/Communication Department, and Security Committee.

Should I submit my contact information even if I am located at an off-campus location?
Yes. The campus-wide emergency notification system will be utilized when emergencies may impact the entire Carroll College community whether you are located on- or off-campus.

If I change my mind and don't want to receive emergency alerts, can I cancel?
Notifications are vital to the safety of everyone on campus in the case of emergency.  At a minimum, an email will be sent to everyone.

How often will I receive alerts?
Currently, the College plans to conduct full tests of all the emergency communications systems once each semester.  However, the College reserves the right to conduct additional testing based on significant changes to either the enrollment population or upgrades to the systems.

Will I receive information other than emergency alerts from the campus-wide emergency notification system?
Possibly.  Regroup is a Messaging System.  We may send notifications that are classified as non-emergency but are ultimately ensuring that everyone is informed of situations that could pose a potential threat. 

What steps are taken to ensure the information I submit is secure?
The contact information submitted for use with the campus-wide emergency notification system is stored in Colleague, our college administrative system.   Access to that data is limited to authorized College staff. Your contact information is then transmitted via secure socket layer (SSL) technology to the vendor, Regroup.  This information is not shared with anyone else.

Will my contact information be sold to telemarketers?
NO. Carroll does not sell, lease, share, rent, or barter personally identifiable student or employee information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons.

What number will be reflected on my caller ID when an alert is issued?
When an CCAlert is issued via the campus-wide emergency notification system, caller ID will show that you are receiving a call from CCAlert.

What e-mail address will be reflected when an alert is issued?
The "from" address of an emergency e-mail message sent from Carroll College via the campus-wide emergency notification system will appear as CCAlert.

What should I do if I receive an emergency call or e-mail from the campus-wide emergency notification system?
If you receive an emergency message via campus-wide emergency notification system, do the following:

  1. Listen to or read the ENTIRE message.
  2. Take the message seriously.
  3. Follow any instructions given in the message.

Should I do anything to ensure that emergency emails are not filtered?
Some email clients may interpret the CCAlert message as spam based on local filter configurations.  To find out more on how to modify your local client filters contact the CCIT Help Desk, ext. 4357.

What other emergency notification systems are used at Carroll College?
Currently, Carroll College makes use of any or all of the following systems depending on the specific emergency:

  • Phone calls & voicemail
  • E-mail & LISTSERV lists
  • Fire alarm systems
  • CC Alert web site

What else should I know about emergency preparedness?
As always, we strive to keep Carroll College a safe place, however, emergencies and disasters can always occur. Every individual should be prepared both at Carroll College and at home.