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Emergency Information

Emergency Notification System

Carroll College has implemented CC Alert, a comprehensive emergency notification system, to communicate with students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency. Alert degrees are:

  • Green Alert (Informational) – this is a low level alert that will be non-emergency in nature.  The College will send these notices out periodically to be able to familiarize everyone with the system as well as dispensing important information to all.
  • Yellow Alert (Incident) – this is a middle level alert for information that may not yet be a full emergency but may be needed to ensure the safety of those on campus.
  • Red Alert (Emergency)– This is the highest level of alert and will be used only in actual emergency situations, where the safety of individuals is at risk.

To keep updated during an emergency, regular updates will be posted at here. The website will serve as the primary source of information about the nature of the incident, how to remain safe, and after the event, the point at which safety has been restored.

Mass Notification System

Regroup is a web-based notification system that enables direct and quick communication with students, faculty and staff via telephone and email. Regroup will be used exclusively to deliver messages during an alert.

To fully participate in this system, students, faculty and staff need to provide the College with key contact information such as a cell phone number and an email address in addition to a Carroll email. This confidential contact information will be gathered and  securely stored with the Regroup notification system.

To learn more about submitting your emergency contact information and to learn more about the mass notification system, click here to access FAQs.

It is important for you to know that Carroll has a "Dangerous and Disruptive Student Policy" The purpose of the policy is to ensure students receive the assistance they may need (mental health and otherwise) due to negative behaviors exhibited or threats made. This policy has been implemented with positive results a number of times. The "Dangerous and Disruptive Student Policy" is located on pages 118-121 of the Student Handbook.

Helena Police Notifications

You can receive emergency notifications to your cell phone from the City of Helena Police Department. Most people may recognize emergency notification systems by the brand name of "Reverse 9-1-1", but the principle is the same: it is a system that enables us to send high speed telephone calls to hundreds or thousands of Helena and Lewis and Clark County citizens with vital public safety information, or requesting assistance in an emergency. Get it now

Current Status

There are no alerts at this time.

Carroll College Campus Security

Need to contact our Campus Security? Security at Carroll College is contracted through Securitas, a private security company which also serves the State Capitol, Federal Reserve Bank and St. Peter's Hospital in Helena.

The Securitas Office in now located in Guad 101--behind the Guad Hall Desk. 24 Hour coverage on weekdays; 3pm-7am coverage on weekends. Parking patrol is maintained from 7am-3pm. In case of emergency, call 911.

 Call 406.461.7611 to contact a Securitas Patrol Office.

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